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Written by: Alberto G. Rodriguez and Miguel Pagan

Directed by: John Milton Branton

Starring: Sean Patrick Flanery, Kristanna Loken, Chris Carmack, Richard Gleason and Morgan Fairchild

Plot: When a crime-ridden city's mayor and his re-election opponent are both assassinated in quick succession, two investigating FBI agents discover that City Hall holds more secrets than just the identity of the killer.

Crime dramas and thrillers have been slowly becoming popular over the course of the last couple of years. Dark Power is a new one to add to the list of great crime films that have been released recently.

It was released this year straight to DVD. It really is a shame that Dark Power was not released to theaters. The plot and the cast are fantastic and worthy of the big screen.

Sean Patrick Flanery is no stranger to playing the detective, justice seeker type. He has done so in The Boondock Saints, The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day, Dexter and a few other films. Flanery plays Special Agent John Archer. This role was perfect for him.

Dark Power was full of everything a crime drama needs, lies, deceit, secrets, betrayal, murder and crooked politicians. All of these elements were seamlessly weaved together into one amazing film.

Unlike most crime dramas, the killer was not revealed until closer to the end of the film. One of the things I liked most about Dark Power is that there was no clear, "oh he did it" suspects, everyone looked guilty. The level of suspense was executed to perfection.

From critic reviews I have seem on IMDB and other sites, Dark Power was severely low balled. I would have to say that I do recommend this film. Whether you are a Flanery fangirl, a fan of The Boondock Saints or just enjoy a good indie crime drama, you should give this one a watch.


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