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This is one of the craziest articles I’ve ever dared to write. It’ll be bold, controversial, nuts and people will give me crap for this. I don’t consider myself a medium or a psychic or whatever. I believe in the power of intuition and spirits and one of those spirits you’ll read from me today.

As I sat in my often meditation sessions, sometimes I picture myself in a movie theater sitting next to a great figure and whether it was a man or a woman it always took my breath away. They show me things about my past and my future that give me goals and challenges to conquer in my life. Paul Walker was the most recent.

I really do not know why I was visited by him or whether his spirit is roaming around but ended up being next to me and wanting me to share his feelings from his side. Granted I didn’t know really anything about his life before he passed and dug a little research to see if this was some kind of messed up thing and it turned out to be true. Whether any one who reads this will believe it I don’t care if you do. Call me names but I’m daring my reputation as a writer and this article may very well kick me off the site and never have me write for them again and I’m willing to take that risk.

In my trance-like state, Paul told me that before he died he always loved to be daring, break boundaries and pull pranks on friends from time to time. He loved his daughter with every breath of him and never stopped thinking about her, he was genuinely sorry for leaving her and wants her to live with everything she has in her. He considers Vin (Diesel) a dear friend that he wished he had more time with because it never made it in his mind that he ever was pissed off or unkind to him.

Paul was a crazy dude outside of Hollywood but that never stopped him from taking on roles most wouldn’t consider him great in. He put his heart and soul into every role he did and considers being Brian O’Connor his close favorite because it gave him a chance to be a bit more of himself, someone who was nuts and was daring to take it to the next level. He misses everyone that’s close to him and wishes that they all give the love and respect he wanted to give others because he didn’t see himself as a actor, what he saw was an opportunity to give fans something fun and adventurous to watch and learn.

From my point of view he seemed humble and even in death he had a smile that lit up the room and just has that “One of the guys” personality. He even told me that to his closest friends, he had more respect for them than he did himself. If you believe in spirits and life after death then bare with me because like I said I didn’t know too much about him. It’s important to understand that when you get something as cool as that in your mind, it’s great to take it in as a blessing. Quite frankly I wasn't that all star struck, he just seemed like one of the guys and being himself. I’m not writing this to intentionally give people a wrong impression or to piss any fans or friends/family. He put me on the spot and I took it and when he left that theater, he walked out with a smile and wanted to say thank you to all that have supported him especially Vin, if it wasn't for him, Paul wouldn't be one happy son of a bitch and have the will to keep on going until it was his time to go.

That’s from the horses mouth himself and I’m damn proud to have written this. Like I said earlier I’m just a writer who has an affinity for movies and fitness and I’m not looking to make any major headway. So laugh if you want, call me names say that I’m a crazy son of a bitch and that I should never write a damn thing again. I did what my intuition told me to do and that’s doing something completely off the wall and downright insane to do it. RIP Paul and don’t ever stop having a kick ass time brother.


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