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Ariel Rodrick

What is this game??

First off, if you're unfamiliar with Humans vs Zombies, or HvZ for short, it is basically a glorified game of tag that takes place throughout a college campus 24/7 for about a full week or more, with hundreds of players. It starts off with about 99% humans, and 1% zombies.

-Zombies wear bandannas on their heads, and two-hand tag humans to infect them - human hands zombie his/her player code, zombie logs onto site and taps it in.

-Humans wear bandannas on their arms and shoot zombies with Nerf blasters, hit 'em with balled socks, or on some campuses, Nerf swords to "stun" the zombies for 5-15 minutes.

- It is a game that involves lots of running, sneaking, and fighting your way to and from classes and dining halls, and often has lots of large battles.

Sometimes it's mistaken for a LARP, but it does not involve taking on actual character roles to "live/develop", it is just simply like any Airsoft/Paintball war game, adapted for legality and safety on college campuses, as those kinds of fake firearms can too closely resemble real firearms (those tiny orange tips don't help at even a small distance), and pose a safety issue for bystanders.

K, got it! What's the movie/webseries?

In the Fall of 2010, Nate Sorrentino directed and filmed a cinematic-style trailer to advertise the game, and it went viral, being featured on Gizmodo and The Escapist Magazine, and landed thousands of requests for a feature film.

After all the requests, he didn't want to disappoint, so Nate began developing ideas for a mini-webseries, as a feature of epic proportions would be impossible without a budget.

He developed a very unique, fast-paced story-line, starting off more like a spy thriller, incorporating many elements of the show 24, progressing from the last couple hours prior to the zombie outbreak at SUNY Geneseo, to a large-scale climactic battle for survival on the campus. Filming began in the beginning of 2011, and after an incredible amount of work, scheduling struggles, downtimes, etc., they finished in the end of 2012, with over 120 students involved, plus footage from 3 other colleges.

New Trailer with Release Dates:

It was also written to be complimentary to the game, acting almost as a series of large cut-scenes to it, but are also still complete even without playing the game itself.

It also paves the way for other colleges to film their own spin-offs, as the 3 other colleges that submitted footage have helped establish co-existence of other schools targeted with the H1Z1 virus - much like our beloved expanded Marvel Cinematic Universe. Whether this will take off much in the future is uncertain, but it adds a cool-factor nonetheless! We hope you enjoy this as the episodes are released throughout the month!


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