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Carl Poole III

Food for thought: With rumors that Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa is being courted to join the cast of sequel-esque 'Batman vs. Superman' film as a bad guy, who will he be? The current whispers say he's Doomsday, but I couldn't help but notice his resemblance to a certain 50,000-year-old, meteor irradiated, super genius who has scourged the earth with pain, suffering and violence since before the beginning of recorded human history.

That's right. I'm thinking he's gonna be the immortal Vandal Savage. No, he's not a classic 'Man of Steel' villain. He's kinda everyone's villain. He's faced off with countless heroes throughout history and has hated the JLA with a passion, even thousands of years before they formed up. And yes, he knew they were coming. Sorcerers and magic are awesome like that. Now that Savage has popped in the DC Comic's reboot, The New 52, I'm even more curious about this. Here is a Big Bad that would justify Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman in a single film. Take a look and tell me what you think...

Does Vandal savage look like anyone you know?
Does Vandal savage look like anyone you know?


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