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"Three magazine employees head out on an assignment to interview a guy who placed a classified ad seeking a companion for time travel."(Quoted directly from IMDb)

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance Length: 85min

Rating: R


Director: Colin Trevorrow

Writer: Derek Connolly Stars: Aubrey Plaza | Jake Johnson | Mark Duplass | Karan Soni

Music: Ryan Miller

★★★★★ (5 out of 5)

You know how everyone says nothing is perfect. Well they're right, but you have to give some things a 5 out of 5 don't you? This is one of those things that deserve it.

I enjoyed this movie immensely. It was funny, cute, practical and relatable. Even the time traveling part.

The beginning is a voice over of Darius (Aubrey Plaza) explaining herself and her childhood. It's then revealed she's actually speaking to an interviewer at a restaurant. Now while I think it's a little random and a bit of a stretch just to explain the character it still does just that. The voice over and random restaurant job interview is so we get a sense of who are character Darius is. And I have to admit I was not one bit surprised. After watching Parks and Recreation I must admit I was looking for a snarky, sassy character from Plaza. She's just really good at those roles.

Anyways...we find she works as an intern at a magazine and they're out of story ideas. Well except one about an ad that states they're looking for a partner to time travel with. Oh and bring weapons. So Jeff (Jake Johnson), Arnau (Karan Soni) and Darius head out to investigate.

I was thrilled to find Jake Johnson in this movie after watching New Girl. At first I didn't know if I was going to have sympathy for this character. But he soon grew on me. After Jeff meets up with an old girlfriend he falls in love with her. But when she breaks his heart it really gets him and he convinces Arnau to live life and to stop hiding behind his computer. I think that's where my turnaround for him was.

As that's all going on: Darius is planning to time travel with Kenneth (Mark Duplass). She soon falls for him and finds him quirky and fun. I at first wasn't sure about this paring. But he was perfect for her. They were perfect for each other in the end.

There's a moment when they have a brief fallout, each lies to the other, but of course they accept each other and forgive each others faults and actually time travel to the past.

Well that was more of a synopsis. I hope you're still with me. There were some times in the movie where I was extremely impatient to see what the big plan was. To see if he was crazy or actually a genius who figured out time travel. The music for this movie was perfect for the weird, sort of quirky almost retro feel that continued to play out in every scene.

The gorgeous locations and the cinematography gave me goosebumps and made me grin like an idiot. I'm a film student whatcha going to do? I get all nerdy with stuff like that.

I can't say I was pleased with the ending though. I was for Darius and Kenneth, but not for Jeff, or Arnau. Their stories sort of came to a conclusion, but it was quite satisfying enough. Also what the hell was the point of the two random "government agents" aka the two guys in trench coats? I know it was to fortify that Kenneth wasn't crazy, but still. Again a little bit of a stretch. Though I was thrilled when they were beat by a magazine writer, two interns, and a lone man with a time travel machine.

All in all, I would recommend this little film to all of my friends. It's just a cute, quirky enjoyable 85 minute movie. Perfect for a rainy day.


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