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Christina Tenisha Small

Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you, Natalie Dashkov!

She differs slightly-in appearance and a little in personality from the Natalie we know from the books but here goes.

Seventeen year old Royal Moroi (the good race of Vamps), Natalie Dashkov is the daughter of Victor Dashkov, and is somewhat of an outcast at St Vlad's (Vampire Boarding School). Unlike most Royal Moroi, this brunette beauty tends to stay away from the social scene and isn't exactly the most popular girl at St Vlad's. Short in stature, seemingly quiet and a little nerdy, Natalie appears to be a tag-along of sorts to the infamous Rose Hathaway and her best friend Lissa Dragomir. (A fellow Royal)

But is a tag-along really what Rose and Lissa need after being dragged back to the academy after two years on the run?

Vampire Academy hits theatres February 2014!

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