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Chris Fields

From the beginning of the video game revolution almost every hit film has had a video game adaptation. And more times than not they are horrible. From the Atari to the PS4 and Xbox 360 almost every game based on a film has been a waist of time and money. More often than not marketed to parents and grandparents to buy for their kids that love the films but know better than to fall for this trick.

While there are a few exceptions to this general rule, so many are made they have to get it right by accident every now and then. The most notable mentions are some of the epic Star Wars games (Knights of the Old Republic was one of the best), and I personally enjoyed the later Spider-Man movie games.

Most of the time the games loosely follow the plot of the movie they are meant to represent. But lately the trend has been to make the game have an "original" story that "takes you beyond the film", most of the time the actors that we love to see on the big screen won't even do the voice work for the games because they know it will be crap.

So what movie licensed games have you found the most disappointing, or have you found to be a good representation of it's source material?


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