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Okay as of right now on Yahoo in trending now ranked at number 3 is the New Godzilla trailer! After just watching it I have some comments. One not enough of Godzilla! Sure they are saving the right moment or for the release of the film to show the King Of Monsters in full, but dammit I want Godzilla! Two, they should have more story in the trailer. I get the army is sent in while Godzilla is in a rampage or in a battle with the new creature. Obviously this is only a teaser and the actually trailer will come out soon but, to really get us pumped up is maybe a snippet of the battle of Godzilla and the new creature.

I would like to see this movie do well but, don't make more just for the sake of making more. Godzilla is a classic, don't kill him. After 98' flop we would like to see Godzilla come back swinging. I grew up with the King Monsters, I would like to see a sequel of Final Wars instead of Destroy All Monsters as rumored. Final Wars was a great way to end Godzilla and it would be nice to see a remake of that one and put the new series to bed and end the remakes. Like I said Godzilla is a classic don't ruin it for us fans and viewers.

Now for the questions I have, One is there going to be Godzilla's Ray/Beam that he used often in the original movies? That would be nice to see, from what I remember of the failed attempt in 98' they didn't use the Ray/Beam with their Zilla. Two will we see Godzilla's son emerge from the shadows? It would be a good twist to see in this film, Father and Son battle a creature to save the Earth. Three will we see Easter Eggs of other classic foes of the King of Monsters like Gigan, Mothra, Rodan or even MechaGodzilla? I think that would really bring in the fans and viewers for the film and possibly for the second film. Also bringing in the other foes from the original films would be a smart if they would ever do the movie I hope that they would do and that's Godzilla Final Wars. Because those characters are in the original Final Wars movie.

What are your views on the new Trailer. Comments welcome!


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