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Chris Fields

Okay, I've heard and read enough about how particular characters should only be played by (blank) star: Christian Bale as Batman, Heath Ledger as Joker, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, RDJ as Tony Stark, and so on and so on. Well anyone who says this is not only wrong but a complete moron. Every role is bigger than the actor playing it. I even read an "article" here on MoviePilot that had the balls to say DC should retire The Joker because no one could ever do it justice again, or some crap like that, if your view of a particular role is so narrow that you will boycott a film because they recast it you should just hand in your common sense card and go home.

The truth is that sometimes actors get tired of doing the same thing over and over again, yes I'm talking to you Hugh. And while I praise Mr. Jackman for almost 2 decades of a great, no Fantastic run as The Wolverine. I even include the Origin film in that statement, the problem with that film wasn't Hugh it was a bad script, story, direction, and almost everything else but Jackman's acting was solid as always. So I say if he decides to not come back after his contract is up everyone should give him a standing ovation, thank him and wish him the best with the rest of his career, and not be the whining little pansy's I know most of them will be.

Now for the other side of this, when an actor in a loved role passes before the story is over i.e. Leger, and more recently Paul Walker. I have read people saying that "out of respect for Walker they should stop the F&F series". That is a load of BS, I personally don't care for the films and didn't see a one past the first, but Paul loved that series and poured his heart and soul into it. So in my opinion the best way to respect the man is to carry on with the series in a way that he would be proud of. If that means recasting his role and re-shooting the scenes he has already done for F&F7 then do it.

No actor is to big, or to great at any role to be replaced, PERIOD. So all the people that claim that MoS2 will suck because Christian Bale isn't playing Batman can go suck an egg. I do have worries about how the film will turn out due to casting but it's not because Bale's throat cancer isn't coming back, I didn't think he did that great of a job in an Okay series anyway.


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