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Last night the FX hit series Sons of Anarchy season 6 drew to a bloody, explosive end in a 2 hour episode. This season, in my opinion, has been the bloodiest, most violent season to date. The promo poster for this season speaks volumes. No solace was offered to SAMCRO or the parties involved with them in the season closer A Mother's Work.

The episode opens with a touching monologue from Jax who is sitting at Opie's grave writing to his sons. In the monologue, he tells them that basically he is unsure about who he is anymore and that everything he does is for them. Clay's burial was also at the beginning of the episode. No lush funeral for him to say the least. He was buried by prison staff with only Unser in attendance.

Last week, Juice hit rock bottom with his overdose at Diosa. Gemma catches up with him at the club's new establishment. During the conversation, Juice assures her that he does not want to die and that he is alright.

Sons of anarchy screenshots
Sons of anarchy screenshots

After Tara did not show for her meeting with Patterson last week, Patterson and her team are beginning to worry about Tara and her safety. Patterson and Roosevelt them pay Jax a visit. For the first time since she was introduced on the show, Patterson shows a very caring, human side. She seems to be understanding Jax, and she tries to reach him on a deeper level saying

"you are a husband and a father and a man before all of this".

It seems that she has reached Jax. I actually kind of liked her during this fairly touching scene.

Last week, Alvarez met with Nero to express his concerns about SAMCRO and August Marks. This week, he meets with Jax to express the concerns with him. At first all seemed peaceful, but the discussion became a bit heated. Alvarez is of course concerned about August Marks taking over the gun distribution and he fears that he will lose his territory. At the end of the discussion, everything seems to be good after Jax agrees to arrange a meet between Alvarez and Marks.

After missing her meeting with Patterson, Tara checked into a hotel and went into hiding. She has not reached out to anyone since. She calls her lawyer to tell him she is ready to give up the club and that she would like to meet up to go over the deal one last time. What Tara doesn't know is that Juice and Bobby are tailing her lawyer.

There is no secret that Nero's relationship with Jax, Gemma and SAMCRO has gotten bumpy as of late. It was made worse last week by Juice's confession to Nero about killing his cousin's girlfriend under Jax's orders. During the meeting between the Myans and the 9ners, Nero tells Jax that he knows what he had Juice do. During the discussion between the two of them, Nero begins talking about karma. One thing he says in particular sums up all of what is about to unfold in the rest of the episode. He says:

Shit like that comes back, and when it does, it makes you pay.

At the end of the meet up, Alvarez and the Mayans take a page from SAMCRO's "how to end a business discussion" book by opening fire on the 9ers.

Bobby and Juice follow Tara's lawyer to a park where he is meeting with Tara to close up loose ends on her deal. She discloses to her lawyer where she and the boys are staying.

Once her lawyer leaves, Jax catches up to her to discuss what has happened over the last couple of days. Jax assures a very frightened Tara that he nor the club intend to hurt her. After a heart felt speech from Tara about how Jax has changed and that she just wants to save the boys from what he has become, Jax reaches for Tara's hand and tells her:

Sons of anarchy screenshots
Sons of anarchy screenshots

Be a good mother and save our boys, please.

After a very trying day, Nero returns to Diosa to find Gemma waiting for him. Nero then asks Gemma to leave with him and leave Jax and the club behind. When Gemma can not choose Nero over Jax and the club, their relationship completely implodes.

Patterson goes to Tara's room to meet up with her to fulfil their deal, but Tara is not alone. In the room, she finds Jax sitting in the corner. They then tell Patterson about a new deal. Jax tells her that he will give himself up as the true source of the KG9 used in the school shooting if she leaves his club alone and gives Tara immunity from the Pamela Toric murder. Patterson accepts the deal and arranges to meet with Jax at 6 o'clock at his house. Once Patterson leaves, Jax tells Tara he loves her and for the first time since the season started, she tells him that she loves him too. They then share a very touching, intimate moment.

At the table, Jax tells Bobby and Chibs about the new deal to save his wife and his club. With Jax going away, the club needs a new president. The gavel is given to Bobby. Before they leave the tale, Jax tells them,

I was wrong about Juice, he can't be trusted.

After dropping Wendy off at rehab, Unser is looking for Gemma. He finds her a drunken, emotional wreck. He tells her that Jax is going to be arrested, and she assumes Tara struck a deal. She wants to leave. When she goes to leaves Unser asks where she is going and she tells him:

I'm going to work

Gemma cleverly dupes Unser into leaving the room. She then grabs his keys, steals his truck and heads to Jax's house to "work". A mother's work is never done right?

When Unser shows up at the club's new establishment, he tells Jax that Tara has stolen his truck and disappeared. Juice volunteers to go find her. Jax follows him out the door and Juice tells Jax that he is going to miss him then the two hug. During the embrace, Jax whispers in his ear:

You Betrayed me

Sons of anarchy screenshots
Sons of anarchy screenshots

With the boys at the ice cream shop with Jax and the rest of the club, Roosevelt accompanies Tara back home. They find Unser's truck in the driveway, and not knowing that Gemma stole the truck, they enter the house. Tara tells Roosevelt that she will be alright, he then goes outside to wait for Patterson.

Tara hears a noise in a back room and assumes that it is Unser. She walks towards the sound and is greeted by Gemma who is convinced that Tara has ratted. The two of them get into a very physical altercation when Tara tries to run for the door. Gemma hits Tara in the face with an iron and shoves her face into a sink full of dishwater. Gemma then picks up a large fork and stabs Tara repeatedly.

Juice arrives and Jax and Tara's house and finds Roosevelt in the driveway. Juice then tells him that Gemma was the one with Unser's truck. Alarmed, the two run into the house to find Tara's bloody, lifeless body on the kitchen floor and Gemma a mess. Gemma is rocking back and forth saying:

It had to be done, it had to be done. I had work to do.

When Roosevelt reaches for his radio and begins to call in the murder, Juice shoots him several times. He then helps Gemma up and gets her out. After Gemma has gone, he begins to depose of the evidence.

Oblivious to what has happened at home, Jax says a very emotional goodbye to his sons and his club.

Sons of anarchy screenshots
Sons of anarchy screenshots

A confused, emotional Nero goes to meet up with Alvarez and his new friends, Lin and his crew.

Jax returns home to turn himself in. He hangs his cut and walks to the kitchen where he finds both Tara and Roosevelt dead on the floor. When Patterson enters to accept Jax's surrender, she sees a dead sheriff, a gun on the floor and Jax crying holding his dead wife. No words were spoken and the end credits began to roll.

This has to be the biggest cliffhanger we have ever been left with. I see the situation with the bodies and the gun going one of two ways. 1) Since Jax and Juice have the same gun and Patterson is hellbent on taking down the club, Jax will be arrested for the crime. 2) Since Juice has nothing left to lose and he knows he's pretty much a dead man anyway, he will take the fall.

Thank you Mr. Sutter for another amazing season. I can not wait to see what season seven has in store. Especially since creator Kurt Sutter says that season seven will be the final season for the show.


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