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Jerome Maida

Few franchises with true creative and commercial potential potential have been stalled as long as "Red Sonja" has, which is why I think the producers and/or the Howard estate should cast Cynthia Rothrock as "Queen Sonja". Listed below are reasons I feel such a move would not only move the project forward but help it thrive.

First, I think it would be wise to do a "Queen Sonja" film because even if you got James Cameron to direct a "Red Sonja" film (total fantasy I realize, but I'm making a point) and had a huge budget and vast talent, any "Red Sonja" pitch - let alone a film itself - will remind people of the 1985 Brigitte Nielsen film. People will automatically remember and compare...from casual fans to critics alike.

"Queen Sonja" on the other hand, as a film, sounds fresh. Also, an older Sonja would be in line with what is being done with the "Conan" movie franchise, where they have Arnold Schwarzenegger portraying the older "King Conan". It also would allow the perfect asctress to be cast: Cynthia Rothrock.

Cynthia Rothrock is a martial arts-legend with black belts in six different disciplines. She has made over 43 action films and is huge overseas, breaking box-office records in Hong Kong. While I don't have the raw data at the moment, her film "China O'Brien" was the #2 film in Hong Kong in 1988 next to "Rain Man" and she was the #2 box-office star in Asia for a decade.

In short, though she has never had a movie open wide in America, she has a huge global fanbase. Also, she would be perfect for the character. She can kick major ass and can wield all kinds of weapons, including various swords. She may be a bit shorter than some fans envision Sonja, but Hugh Jackman is a bit taller as Wolverine and fans have obviously embraced him because he has BECOME Wolverine.

In the same way, Cynthia Rothrock IS "Queen Sonja".

Here is a tribute compilation which shows her using her body as the ultimate weapon and being proficient in numerous weapons, and even turning hoses, purses and other mundane things into weapons. Her tribute video is twice as long as the same company has done for Chuck Norris and Jackie Chan, because she has over 40 films to choose from. Please, watch this whole video. It is pretty amazing:

Cynthia Rothrock: Ready To Kick Some Ass
Cynthia Rothrock: Ready To Kick Some Ass

So, there you go. Someone with the name and ability to help make a "Queen Sonja" film a reality. She is more than willing to do it. Please look at some of the above and we can discuss this further. Again, with Cynthia Rothrocks name attached to the film, there is no question in my mind it will finally be green lit - and everyone will win! The fans, the studio, Rothrock herself and the "Sonja" franchise.


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