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Hollywood has had its history of movie flops of movie adaptations of popular video game franchises. Among these failed game-movies were the Tomb Raider movies, Super Mario Bros., and the Mortal Kombat films. But can they make a comeback in the world?

In my personal opinion, it has potential to rock blockbuster sales as long as the right director is in charge and they are given the right budget to produce it. Many hardcore gamers dream of movie adaptations of games such as BioShock and Assassin's Creed, which would have flocks of long time fans flooding the cinema seats.

Here's a partial list of some video games that may have a chance at Hollywood fame (if done right):

Assassin's Creed

This franchise is history told in another sense that seems to answer some questions of our historical timeline in a fictional sense. In time periods ranging from The Crusades, the Italian Renaissance, the rise of the Ottoman Empire, and the American Revolution, all the way into modern day society, Assassin's Creed tells the tale of a struggle between two factions: the Assassins, who fight for justice and freedom of all mankind, and the Templars, who fight for world dominance. If done correctly with proper casting, directing, and screenwriting, then this could be a smash hit.

Batman: Arkham Asylum video game series

Although The Dark Knight has been popular in cinema history, wouldn't it be great to see Batman fight hoards of popular enemies that long time fans of the comics would love to see? The story lines are phenomenal, and feature a whole lot of references from both comics (referrals to Batman's first encounter with Bane and breaking his back) and media entertainment (when Adam West Batman punched a shark).


We all knew about Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean, Rango, The Lone Ranger) had been planning a rated-R version of the popular Ayn Rand-like 1968 universe where Andrew Ryan creates Rapture, the world's first underwater city where madness breaks out as citizens become addicted to a drug known as Adam that gives them supernatural power. Most recently, however, a member of 2K Games pulled the plug on the development of the movie adaptation, clearly not happy of the changes being made (which saved a lot of time and anger for a lot of fans).

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

When LucasArts released the story of Darth Vader's secret apprentice, fanatics jumped for joy. Set in between Episode III and Episode IV, it tells the tale of Starkiller (fun fact: that was Luke's original last name, but George Lucas changed it last minute to make it friendly for younger fans), who was raised and trained by Darth Vader. The Sith Lord sends out his apprentice to eliminate the last of the Jedi Council hidden within the galaxy as he prepares on constructing the Death Star. This story line would please many fans of the franchise, and Disney would do great with it.

What video games would you like to see on the silver screen?


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