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Rowan Odom

Now let me just say this, Ben Affleck will make a great Batman in my opinion. I thought that Batman Vs. Superman was a cool little idea, you know Batman and Superman were the characters and maybe Nightwing thrown in there? Sounds cool, I think it will be good. Then I heard that Wonder Woman was gonna be in it, Then I heard The Flash was gonna be in it, Now Doomsday is in it?!?!?!? This is going to be terrible! This movie will be crowded with to many heroes of which have never had their own movies before and all Warner Brothers has left for movies is this movie and they are just throwing all of their characters into it and they don't realize how bad this will be! If this movie fails then all we will have is Marvel movies (I am including Sony and FOX) and then Marvel wont have any competition, and Marvel will get lazy and their movies will be our only superhero movies, unless DC an somehow make this movie brilliant and we need Marvel to feel competition.

Okay so I think that they are introducing Doomsday way to soon in the Man Of Steel series, I think that they should have at least introduced him in the third movie to complete the trilogy. The Flash is also a problem in the movie, as we haven't seen him on the big screen yet and we don't know him unless the Wonder Woman and The Flash are just gonna be quick 5 minute cameos.

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