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Jared Ficiur

So now that we've all seen The Amazing Spider-man 2 trailer we've all begun our own speculations and have started our own hopes and expectations. Here are some of mine!

If you haven't; here it is:

There are lots of things hidden in the trailer that's for sure. I definitely recommend watching it multiple times to make sure you catch them.

Here are two of the ones I want to focus on



So now that you've seen the trailer, hopefully more than once, here are some of my hopes and dreams.

With three main villains appearing in this film (Rhino, Electro and hints towards Green Goblin. I think we all are under he belief that we're leading up to a Sinister 6 movie. My biggest problem with this is how the hell is Spider-man supposed to take on all six of these huge villains by himself? I don't think this is very realistic at all. I know the comics somehow have pulled it off but I don't see how we could realistically do it in a film without it being super cheesy.

So let's assume that The Amazing Spider-man 2 we get to see Spider-man fight Rhino and Electro. This gives us three villains that Spidey has now locked up (including Lizard from the first), Green Goblin appears in the trailer in the form of Normon Osborn, but with the Green Goblin I think that would be a great tease at the end of movie 2 to let us see his transformation to the Goblin setting the stage for movie 3! Then in 3 we get to see Spider-man take on the Sinister 6 brought together by Green Goblin (and his connections at OsCorp) including Rhino, Electro, Lizard, Doc Ock, and Vulture with the sixth place still up for grabs. These 6 would destroy Spider-man! There is no way that individually he would stand a chance in a one on six fight....UNLESS....Spider-man bonded with VENOM!

If you're a fan of the comics you know that the Venom goo is nothing unless it has bonded with a host, which is where the word symbiote comes from. In the comics crossover Secret Wars Spider-man (along with other heroes) is pulled from Earth to fight an all out war against their worst villains. During the fight Spider-man's suit is ruined and he stumbles upon a prison which is holding the Venom goo. Releasing it, it bonds with Peter Parker multiplying his powers and strength. In this Venom form I do believe that Peter Parker/Spider-man would be able to take on the Sinister Six and win!

We could easily see something like this happen in the third movie! Spider-man is beat and nearly killed by the Sinister Six, and in the fight the Venom goo is released from OsCorp (because the building is nearly destroyed or something) it finds Parker, bonds with him and we get to see an ultimate beat down on the Sinister Six.

This then sets it up with a tease for The Amazing Spider-man 4 to be about Venom! Venom is the ultimate villain anyway, especially after being bonded to Parker we would see the transformation through Parker's eyes as to why and how Venom is dangerous and truly evil. We'd get to see the struggle of Parker trying to be rid of it, and then the symbiote merging with Eddie Brock to form the Venom that most of us are used to!

What do you think?

Who would you like to see as the sixth member of the Sinister 6?


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