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I noticed the other day that there haven't been many articles written lately on the Fantastic Four Movie that is supposedly coming out in 2015. I took it upon myself to check the Movie's IMDb page and found out that these four actress' have auditioned for the role of Sue Storm-Richards also known as the Invisible Woman. I then did some research on each in order to give you the following facts on each lady, including age, height, roles she is known for, and whither or not she is available to start filming if she is picked for the role. Here are my findings:

1. Saoirse Ronan (19 y/o, 5'6")

She is known for the movies Hanna and Atonement and she currently has a film in Pre-Production, So I wouldn't count on her getting this role due to possible scheduling conflicts. Top Left Picture

2. Allison Williams (25 y/o, 5'6")

She is known for the TV shows The Mindy Project and Girls. She is still on Girls, so she is a maybe depending on when shooting starts for the Fantastic Four. Bottom Left Picture

3. Margot Robbie (23 y/o, 5'6")

She is known for the movies Pan-Am and The Wolf of Wall Street. She has a film in Pre-Production just as Saoirse Ronan does, so she is most likely not getting the part either. Top Right Picture

4. Kate Mara (30 y/o, 5'2")

She is known for the movies Shooter and 127 Hours and has two films in Post-Production which means that even though she is the oldest and shortest actress who has auditioned up to this point she has the best chance of actually getting the part since she has no other acting commitments at this time. Bottom Right Picture

There you have it, folks, the names, ages, heights and availability of all four women who have auditioned for the role of Invisible Woman to this point. Which do you think will get the part, if any of them? leave all comments below and as always follow me of [email protected] if you wish.


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