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As I was looking over the new information I found on the Fantastic Four Movie's IMDb page, I noticed that Micheal B. Jordan is now listed as Rumored/Confirmed instead of just confirmed. That being said he is still the Director's first choice for the role and nobody else has been listed as even auditioning for the part as of this writing..

So, with that being said I am putting him in my fantasy casting as Johnny Storm, half/brother to Sue Storm. Below is my choice for each member of the FF, their height, availability, and awards won which all played into them being my casting choice. Without further ado, here we go:

1. Natalie Portman as the Invisible Woman (5'3")

When asked if she could have any super-power what would she choose, Ms. Portman said Invisibility. If that isn't a hint that she wants to play the role then I don't know what is. Since all of her projects are in Post-Production at this time and considering the fact that she has 33 Awards, including an Oscar, I think she could do the role justice.

2. Jude Law as Mr. Fantastic (5'11')

Even though his getting the part is very slim considering that he is currently filming a movie called "Black Sea", and the fact that he is 8 inches taller then Ms. Portman I think that he could do a great job with the character if given the chance. Given a little movie magic to lessen their height difference, his having 10 awards to his credit and the fact that I think Reed Richards is a lot like Dr. Watson I think he could pull it off.

3. Michael B. Jordan as The Human Torch (5'11")

As I stated earlier, he is the Director's first choice for the part of the human torch and has been rumored as cast in the movie for months now. I think that the fact he has 7 awards to his credit and that they can use the movie as a way of promoting tolerance of Bi-racial families as well as the fact that him and Natalie Portman actually look like they could be siblings would make for a new and refreshing take on the character/Family Dynamic.

4. Ian McShane as the Thing (5'9")

Ian is known for playing bad guys in his roles and I thought that with his build and the playful animosity between The Thing and Human Torch, he would be a perfect fit. He currently has two movies in Post-Production and has 3 awards to his name including a Golden Globe, therefore I believe he would do well in the role.

There you have it, folks, my choices for all members of the Fantastic Four, including availability, awards, and reasoning for each choice. what do you think? comment below, but keep it clean, and as always follow me on [email protected] if you wish.


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