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If there is anything more challenging in films, it is mixing together the perfect amount of comedy with the perfect amount of heartache especially through an entire ensemble of actors. Alexander Payne manages to capture the two moods perfectly in his latest film, Nebraska. Bruce Dern plays an alcoholic father named Woody Grant who claims to have won a million dollars and decides to go to Nebraska to claim his winnings. Only his son David (Will Forte) knows that this is surely a scam but decides to play along with his father and take him to Nebraska. Soon they end up in Woody's old hometown and things begin to heat up once the small town finds out that Woody is supposedly a millionaire. June Squibb joins the cast as Woody's wife, Kate Grant as well as provide a hearty balance of comedic relief to the touching and painful life of Woody Grant as he revisits old friends and family. These three provide an excellent trio of comedy and tragedy through the raw emotions of Bruce Dern to the supporting elbow of Will Forte and down to the straightforwardness of June Squibb. An excellent film to bring family members to and an excellent film to give you that "warm and fuzzy" feeling all over. The film has not reached wide release as of yet however, here is a link to the movie theaters around Los Angeles:,+CA&dq=nebraska+showtimes+los+angeles&sort=1&mid=ef8bfa245f690bd3&sa=X&ei=b7SqUvDiHezLsQTxloLgDg&ved=0CDwQwAMoEA

Also, if you enjoyed the score of the film like I did, here is a link to the free stream of the soundtrack online:


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