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Jordan Castelli

How many of you sat in front of your T.V. Wednesday night and just said 'what the f***!?' Yepp, I was one of those. I was in awe the whole time and literally started hyperventilating when Tommy's ghost appeared. I did not expect to see him at all, I figured it would have been his dad.

So first things first, I made a prediction in one of my articles, specifically after the deadshot episode, that we will be seeing the flash and Slade Wilson very soon. Believe me when I say this, I had NO IDEA it would be in this way. I didn't expect Slade to be conducting the whole operation with Brother Blood and I also didn't know that Slade is part of the reason Solomon Grundy exists or, as what we know him as right now, a dead Cyrus Gold. Adding in how Barry Allen becomes the Flash was also a huge surprise because I didn't think they would bring that in until further into the series, but the second I saw him walk into that lab with all the chemicals, water dripping from the roof, and a huge lightning storm going on outside, I just started screaming. That will probably be the way Grant Gustin's show will start off at.

After watching this mid-season episode, it opened up a lot and I mean A LOT of pathways to different characters. Two of them obviously being the Flash (which we may not see too much more of this season) and Slade Wilson. Another is Solomon Grundy. For those not-so-nerdy comic book fans, Solomon Grundy is best described as a zombie. So the acid spilling on him and him being buried is just telling us he only needs to come out of the ground, literally. Another person that could possibly come up quite randomly actually is Victor Stone or better known as Cyborg. There was an accident at S.T.A.R. labs in the mid-season episode so they could probably use that as the accident that messes up Vic Stone. Finally, the pathway for the infamous Roy Harper. Now, I know he's known as mainly Speedy, the Green Arrow's sidekick, but he has other names like Arsenal and Red Arrow. I have a feeling he won't be called Speedy because Speedy is the new nickname for Mia Dearden, who is known as the new Speedy. Although, it would be ironic for Roy to be called Speedy and to take Thea's nickname as use it as his own. The only thing I don't really understand is the injection he got because Roy Harper isn't supposed to have any superhuman powers. Nonetheless, it opens up for more story telling in regards to Roy Harper.

This mid-season episode got me so excited and wanting more Arrow. If this was only mid-season, then I can't even imagine the season finale. Tell me what you guys think about the episode and what you think we could expect for the remainder of this amazing second season.


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