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We're back for Part 6 of Batfleck's Batman franchise.

After Batman realizing he can't keep putting NW/Batgirl out there to do his job, he decides to go back full-time.

Batgirl is traumatized after going through hell and back in order to defeat Clayface single-handedly [Read part 5, Mask of The Dark Knight]

NW is still badly injured from the first Clayface fight and remains in critical condition throughout this movie.

The movie starts out the same way Under the Red Hood starts out, but with a twist:

It starts out in present time. Batman and Batgirl are having a conversation in the Batcave and the topic of safety gets brought up. Batman swears that after the Clayface disaster, he'll never put Batgirl and NW out in Gotham to fight crime again. Batgirl disagrees saying that one day, Gotham will need a new protector because Bruce Wayne is getting older. Bruce Wayne then proceeds to tell the story of Jason Todd.

Young Jason Todd (Chandler Riggs) is a young rebel who is very aggressive against Batman's rule of fighting crime togeher. He recieves a distress call at a warehouse and goes to check it out without Batman.

Turns out it was a trap and The Joker is behind it all. Joker, expecting Batman to be there and to execute him, feels insulted that he would send a boy to do his job. Joker, infuriated, proceeds to beat the living s**t out of Todd. Todd puts up a decent fight, but the Joker then ties him up and continues to have at him.

Meanwhile, Batman realizes Jason isn't present anywhere and puts 2-and-2 together realizing Jason went off without him. Batman then goes full costume and gets in his Batpod racing to the warehouse.

Batman gets to the warehouse to late. Joker has blown up the warehouse after tying Jason up and beating him pretty savagely, killing Jason.

Present Day:

Joker (Daniel Day-Lewis) is in prison prepping for his Arkham escape. He has a cellmate he talks to and this is where you get the Joker origin story.

(There are many opinions on what the origin should be but I'm just basing it off of the Killing Joke novel)

Flashback/Present Day origin story.

For this origin, I like the comedian-turned-crazy-toxic bleached skin origin and Day-Lewis would play that perfectly. There can be scenes of him as a stand-up comic, becoming the red hood, going crazy and having his skin bleached in an accident.

After the origin story, it goes back to the present day and Commissioner Gordon (Bryan Cranston) is on the decline of his career but still puts his job of protecting Gotham first, while being worried his daughter Barbara Gordon/Batgirl (Cassidy Freeman) and how she's fairing with the gritty crime of Gotham.

This movie is going to be a Joker/Batman movie. It's a true Batman movie but also a true straight-from-the-comics Joker who's origin will give us a better understanding of the character.

The team of Batman/Batgirl is working, cleaning up the street. Batman's love Vicki Vale (Rachel McAdams) is going strong trying to balance the "dating a billionaire crime fighter"

After The Joker story, he kills his cellmate, then proceeds to break himself out of his cell and says before he leaves "I'll be back for all of you"

Once the Joker comes to town, all hell breaks loose. We get the classic "villain terrorizes city as he first comes to town" cliche but this one is different. More flashbacks of the Joker's story is revealed through all the crimes he commits through Gotham trying to get Batman's attention. Stating that he's going to show Gotham for what he truly is.

One day there's a knock at Gordon's house. Barbara answers the door, the Joker is there! Barbara proceeds to fight his goons to some prevail then takes off. With her back facing the Joker as she's running away, Joker pulls out a handgun and shoots Barbara in the back, paralyzing her from the waist down.

This not only evokes Gordon and Batman, but the news itself to the public makes them more aware who's closer to the crime-fighter.

Joker then proceeds to kidnap Gordon and hold him hostage at an amusement park Joker has discovered.

Batman, talking to Barbara in the hospital room, apologetic about her situation and promises to capture Joker and to save her dad "by the books."

Batman then goes to Joker's amusement park to take him down and save Gordon. What comes next is the Joker's traps and henchmen give Bats all he could handle until he finally apprehends Joker convincing him to quite this life of crime. Joker refuses and tells Batman a joke that's uncalled for but it's hilarious at the same time. Joker laughs uncontrollably and even Batman gives a half laugh/smirk. Movie pans away with the Joker's laugh...

Barbara goes on to be Oracle, Nightwing makes a full recovery but is hesitant to go back out there as NW. We don't know what happened to the Joker. Gordon is stressed to the max being tortured by Joker and his daughter being paralyzed.


Barbara Gordon/Batgirl/Oracle: Cassidy Freeman

The Joker: Daniel Day-Lewis

Why not have an acting legend (3-time best Actor Oscar winner) to follow up on what Ledger did? Exactly.

Jason Todd/Robin: Chandler Riggs

This will only be fore a minor role in the movie: the sequence when Joker kills Jason in the warehouse.

That's it for Part 6! We're near the end, but we're just getting started!!! Part 7 on Sunday!


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