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Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Danny Elfman. If you clicked this article, you are familiar with all these names as some of the best composers in movie history. For the record, these are my favorite scores and not the official list. Don't forget to leave a comment on your favorite scores below!

10. John Murphy - Boathouse

John Murphy's Boathouse from The Last House on the Left is amazing eerie with a tense build up. I've never seen the movie but once I heard the score I loved it.

9. John Murphy - Surface of the Sun

John Murphy's second appearance on the list is the nicely paced Surface of the Sun, which you may recognize from tons of trailers (Gravity) and its also in Kick-Ass. You'll instantly recognize it if you listen to it.

8. Hans Zimmer - Chevaliers de Sangreal

First entry from legendary composer, Hans Zimmer. This score was really the best part of The Da Vinci Code and like some of the others, you've probably heard it before.

7. Steve Jablonsky - Arrival To Earth

If you've seen any of the Transformers films, you've heard this theme. Whether you like Transformers or not, you have to appreciate the music made. I hope they carry this song to the upcoming Transformers 4.

6. Hans Zimmer - The Dark Knight

Hans Zimmer's fitting score to the dark, gritty world of the Dark Knight created by Nolan. Many fans will prefer Danny Elfman's classic from the 80's but I have to say I rather this one.

5. John Williams - Star Wars

A beloved classic for many and possibly a number 1 for most. This really adds to the nostalgia for thousands of fans and score lovers alike. I'm aware this isn't the only popular Star Wars score, but its probably the most popular.

4. Alan Silvestri - Back to The Future

Once again, another beloved score for many. This theme brings back plenty of memories for tons of movie-goers around the world. You have to love this one.

3. John Williams - Superman

I presume that this is many people's favorite theme, and I wouldn't blame them. This is the definitive Superman score. Iconic and has a real heroic tone. Classic.

2. Danny Elfman - Spiderman

First entry for the amazing Danny Elfman with an absolutely beautiful score for the original Spiderman trilogy. Hans Zimmer's latest theme is decent but is no comparison to this fantastic song. I'm sure everyone knows it, but if not listen to it.

1. Hans ZImmer - Time

Maybe not the most popular score on this list but by far my favorite. I love this score. Its just perfect, but beware, don't overlisten to it and ruin it for yourself. Hans Zimmer's 3rd entry on the list is his best for me and and absolutely beautiful theme.

Comment and let me know your favorites!


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