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STOP before reading any further let it be known that this article has some potential Spoilers, so if you haven't watched this week's episode of Arrow do so before continuing with this article. As I stated on last week's article on Arrow's mid-season Finale part one, I didn't see many ways for the show to go back to the way it was. After watching part two last night, I now know it isn't possible without alienating a portion of it's fan-base which I don't believe they'll do.

I want to say first off that I love the way they named the episode "three ghosts" and mentioned in the episode itself that it is Christmas before paying homage to the classic "A Christmas Carol" by having Oliver see the ghosts of Christmas Past (Shado), Christmas Present (Tommy Merlin), and Christmas Future (Slade Wilson/Deathstroke) in the episode itself. It was a stroke of genius using a classic movie's formula in order to bring closure to one part of the storyline while advancing another and starting a new one.

Now, on with the story.

This episode of arrow answered some of my questions and has me asking even more at this point. As I had stated last week, the show did have Oliver injected with something, though we still don't know what it was or what if any lasting effects it will have on him. We do have some interesting developments with Roy Harper being injected with the Mirakuru serum just before Arrow comes in and saves him, also the fact that Detective Lance's partner dies and he is injured by Cyrus who supposedly dies later in the episode after a bunch of spoilers mentioning Solomon Grundy are revealed. That and the fact that Detective Lance's daughter, Laurel, is getting close to (unbeknownst to her) Brother Blood makes me wonder if we are going to see him more focused and determined to get the bad guy like he was in the first season?

I hit the nail on the head in my other article with the mentioning of Slade Wilson/Deathstroke finally being introduced in the current time-frame as I expected and being revealed as the newest big bad in the series. The episode of course ended with Barry going back home in time to get hit with the particle accelerator beam/lightning bolt while being bathed in a bunch of unknown chemicals. The last shot of his face showing an electrical current flowing along it. So, we now have our Flash and Red Arrow/Arsenal's origins on the superhero side and our Solomon Grundy, Brother Blood, and Deathstoke origins on the villain side all in the same episode. Therefore, I don't believe that Arrow will ever be the same and I am left wondering if this will go down in the history books as the finale that moved the Arrow show into a new era of prosperity/storytelling or the one that doomed it to an early cancellation? Only time will tell.

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