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Tommy Reid's $uperthief : Inside America's Biggest Bank Score is now available on VOD.

This is a very good film; if you missed it on DVD, or simply prefer to keep it 'all digital' these days, then definitely check out the VOD.

Synopsis :

Submerging into the true events of one of the most notorious bank burglaries in U.S history, $uperthief centers around career criminal and Cleveland-native Phil Christopher and the United California Bank Burglary that took place on March 24, 1972 in Orange County, California. Breaking into the vault of the United California Bank, Christopher and his team stole jewels, bonds, and cash that summed up to a total of 30 million dollars, a score which net worth grew and now currently stands at about 100 million dollars. Creating a historically significant impact and impression, Phil Christopher ingeniously disarmed the alarm system and opened the vault using innovative strategy, tools, and technology. Superthief is the exclusive inside story of the notable United California Bank Burglary consisting of profoundly in-depth interviews with firsthand accounts including the Superthief himself: Phil Christopher. This documentary explores the many curious factors of this historical event: How and why did they do it? Where are the lost bonds? What happened to Phil Christopher? And who is he now?

Watch $uperthief : Inside America's Biggest Bank Score at iTunes here and Walmart here ( Buy the film at Amazon (

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