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For a few weeks now the internet has been swarming with various articles, questioning the manner, and the intent of late actress Brittany Murphy death. The actress's biological father has presented new allegations that his daughter was intentionally poisoned. I know if most people want to know they can go out and research it, but because Brittany Murphy is one of my favorite actresses, I, too became curious about this situation. In addition, I thought I would bring the news straight to the MP crowd. Let me just point out this is from various sources and seems like pure speculation....but still a good read....

How did Brittany Murphy get embroiled in government conspiracy?

Most likely because of Julia Davis. Julia is a national security whistle blower, anti-terrorism/immigration expert who exposed the government's shortcomings in reference to foreigners migrating from various countries. Here is an excerpt from her interview with

"The Department of Homeland Security retaliated against me because of my whistleblowing disclosure to the FBI that exposed serious deficiencies in the processing of aliens from Special Interest Countries (countries with terrorist ties) into the United States. The DHS used an array of tactics in an attempt to discredit me and thereby to invalidate my disclosure, including 54 investigations, warrantless searches of my home and our company’s film offices, two malicious prosecutions/false imprisonments (both of which were dismissed, with a finding of factual innocence and an order for the government to return the proceeds of both warrantless searches), land, aerial and vehicular surveillance, falsely declaring me to be a “Domestic Terrorist”, causing IRS audits and implementing other retaliatory tactics routinely used against whistleblowers"

Right, that sounds terrible, but what the hell does Brittany Murphy have to do with all of that?!

Julia Davis goes into further detail. From what I read, it sounds like Murphy was just an unfortunate victim of circumstance:

"Brittany was dragged into my case by a third party (a DHS Supervisor), who falsely claimed in a sworn statement that Brittany Murphy (whom she knew through her daughter) told her that I was working on a movie during my unpaid leave. These claims were completely false. Brittany stood up for me and issued a formal statement through her attorneys, confirming that the allegations against me by the Department of Homeland Security, using her name, were fabricated. At the time of her death, Brittany was listed as a witness on my behalf against the Department of Homeland Security in my successful lawsuit against the agency."

Oh Snap! All she did was speak out against the lies that were fabricated against her. However, everyone knows once you're on the government's radar, you're never coming off. The next question is, how does this all tie in with her death?? The original reason given for the cause of death was "Natural causes." Isn't that a term usually used for people over 65? Now it is not always uncommon for a young person to die of natural causes, HOWEVER, Murphy seemed to be in good health, and had no known history of drug or alcohol abuse. Brittany Murphy's father was unhappy with the 'natural causes' explanation, so he had hair, blood, and tissue samples sent to an independent toxicology lab, and here are their findings. According to

"Ten (10) of the heavy metals evaluated were detected at levels higher that the WHO [The World Health Organization] high levels. Testing the hair strand sample identified as” back of the head” we have detected ten (10) heavy metals at levels above the WHO high levels recommendation. If we were to eliminate the possibility of a simultaneous accidental heavy metals exposure to the sample donor then the only logical explanation would be an exposure to these metals (toxins) administered by a third party perpetrator with likely criminal intent." It appears toxicology test were never administered until this point. Which is strange because I thought that was a part of autopsy practices."

Not Everyone Agrees.....

While Brittany's father wants her case reopened and reinvestigated, not everyone is on board. Brittany Murphy's mother thinks this the whole idea of a conspiracy is a sham. According to the Hollywood Reporter her mother makes the claim:

"This report conveniently ignores what any good scientist will tell you: A hair sample can be affected by many outside factors, including hair dye, hair spray, prescription medications, foods, smoking the occasional cigarette and environmental factors. One cause we now know may have been toxic mold that was eventually discovered in that house -- which may have been what really killed her."

Ok, that makes some sense. But then if thats the case, didn't her husband die of the same "natural causes" 5 months later?

  Brittany Murphy and Husband Simon Monjack
Brittany Murphy and Husband Simon Monjack

Brittany Murphy and Husband Simon Monjack die within 5 months of one another with the same cause of death being "natural causes." The claim is that he also died of the same metal poisoning. If the "Hair dye made the metal count so high," excuse...he doesn't seem like a man with various hair colors does he? Maybe I'm missing something. Personally, that hair dye claim makes no sense, then again, I'm not a toxicologist.

How in the world does one make sense of all this?! It is very possible they can exhume her body, if they really want to find out the real truth about what happened to her. Or they can let it be. I hope they can find justice for Brittany Murphy, and find out what really happened, just so that her soul and rest.

If you want more information, you can read the full articles:

And the Julia Davis interview at

What do you folks in MP land think? Do you think she died of natural causes or accidental death? Or do you think Brittany Murphy's death was a part of a government cover up? Post your thoughts below!


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