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My faith in humanity made a rare jump last night. I mean, I already know humans are capable of compassion. Some more than others, granted, but I don't need more pictures of soldiers and their dogs to keep that faith alive (don't worry, I'll still watch them every now and then). Nope, I was talking about my faith in the human ability to come together and create. I have a few friends who make games. Mostly small scale stuff. Cute little projects, and the occasional tabletop gem that will hopefully make it into print sometime within the next few years. But yesterday... Yesterday a group of friends, acquaintances and a few people I can't remember having met released their first multi platform game Teslagrad. It's a bit of a steampunk platformer set in the city Teslagrad somewhere in a fictional Russia. You play as a young boy hunted for being a Teslamancer, capable of manipulating the forces of electromagnetism. The whys and hows are told through wall hangings, statues, mosaic windows and paintings throughout the game. No words, no voices, just you, the music and the carefully painted environment. It made me happy and restless. Restless with the need to create.

There's tons of projects like this, made by enthusiasts that pulls through with hard work and determination. Tommy Wirkola (of Hansel and Gretel, Which Hunters) started out with a group of friends to make a movie about a reindeer farmer with a lust for vengeance in Kill Buljo, and moved on to make the Horror/Splatter movie Dead Snow (both of which are about to get a sequel in the very near future). J. K. Rowlings famously wrote the first few lines of Harry Potter on a restaurant napkin, and then kept on going. Felicia Day used her passion for World of Warcraft to build a web-series, which has now expanded into to a small empire of web hosted entertainment material called Geek and Saundry. Granted, not everyone with a creative mind, work ethic and a passion for what they're doing makes it big, but every one of them makes something, and that's a huge feat in itself. So this goes out to all the creators out there, We salute you!

You want to make a story about white majestic mountains and nazi zombies? Go for it.
You want to make a story about white majestic mountains and nazi zombies? Go for it.

And to all of us with a creative heart, willing to work on a time-consuming project despite day-jobs, studies, families and friends: Go make something!

Seriously, somewhere out there, someone will love what you're working on. And they may not even have heard about it and you yet. That's the beauty of creation.

A final end note, since I wouldn't be writing this without them. If you're curious about Teslagrad, here's the launch trailer.


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