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In the upcoming Man of Steel sequel, Lex Luthor, in my eyes, has already been cast and the villain will be in the movie. But who will he team up with?

Here's a look at several team-ups Luthor can be a part of to take on Supes/Bats/WW. Each one is going to be based on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE and 10 being 110% SURE Let's get started:

Lex Luthor/Joker:

This duo is, in my opinion, a dream matchup of epic proportions and can translate beautifully on screen. This is the most likely not going to have it unless they do a Superman/Batman Part II with all the same characters. Maybe Heath Ledger's insane turn as the Joker is the reason why, who knows but I would not be mad at this teamup at all.

Chances of happening: 2

Lex Luthor/Bizarro:

This duo has been talked about a lot and have even seen a video of someone mapping out a plot of the upcoming Man of Steel sequel using Luthor/Bizarro. It worked actually! Maybe the feeling of having Henry Cavill fight Henry Cavill is sort of weird to me. It also seems like it's a lazy choice because it's an altered more evil version of Superman. If this duo were to be used, just make it work.

Chances of happening: 7

Lex Luthor/Metallo:

This one would be epic to see on screen as well and it's a good way to introduce Kryptonite in the Man Of Steel universe (If Snyder decides to include the green rock). This teamup seems to to be the most likely at the moment and it would make the most sense for both these villains to fight Supes/Bats in the movie.

Chances of happening: 7.5

Lex Luthor/Lobo:

MY PERSONAL FAVORITE! With the recent "casting" of Jason Momoa, I hope he plays Lobo, for he has the look down and can't really see many people in that role other than Ron Perlman and maybe Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Bounty hunter from space meets billionaire industrialist. Doesn't get more villainous than that. Supes/Bats definitely have their work cut out for them if this happens.

Chances of happening: 8

Lex Luthor/Brainiac:

Another high-powered team that's sure to push the heroes to their limits. Maybe Brainiac should be saved for the next Superman movie. Or just throw him there to inflict maximum damage. Your call. Still would be absolutely fantastic to witness on screen.

Chances of happening: 4.7

And finally...

Lex Luthor/Doomsday:

Scary good combo. With all the news of Doomsday from the Man of Steel blu-ray, there's been A LOT of talk about the villain either being a major one or being hinted at in the Man of Steel sequel. Personally, save Doomsday for later on instead of the 2nd installment, but hey, if they got gold here, then by all means go for it.

Chances of happening: 8.8

That's all for this article! Did I miss any team ups? Heck, what if Luthor is not in the film, it can be a totally different villain for all we know. Sound off in the comments!


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