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Carl Poole III

Since the news hit that Zack Synder chose Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman for his Batman vs. Superman film, I admit my reaction has been very focused on her physicality. She doesn't look right for the part to me, but that should not be my greatest concern. The films that Synder makes with ensemble casts have always appealed to me because they were filled with grounded character actors. Dawn of the Dead, 300, Watchmen and Sucker Punch are nice examples of this. However, is Gal Gadot a character actor? Is she anymore of a character actor than, say, fan favored Gina Carano? I'll let IMDB tell the tale.

Gina Carano

Three feature films, a reality TV Show, a few cut scenes of a PC game and a prime time game show - that's Gina Carano's acting career in the raw. She did lead the cast of Haywire, the action/ spy flick. She was literally surrounded by character acting heavyweights, but she was clearly not one of them. She still has enough buzz around her to lead another feature film next year and has been tapped for the all-female ensemble Expendables spin-off said the also star Linda Hamilton, Pam Greer and Katee Sackhoff. Not bad, but also not a heavy enough resume to take a crack at Diana of Themyscira.

Gal Gadot

An Isreali TV drama, an episode of HBO hit Entourage, a role of an insta-fail drama about models The Beautiful Life, a small role in the spy movie Night and Day, one scene role with Mark Wahlberg in Date Night (with one of the best lines of that movie btw "you two make sex...with us?") and of course, three Fast & Furious films. Gal has done more role than Gina. She's been smarter about what she chooses too, but still lacks in one department - character depth. Gal Gadot's performances are filled with flash and sex appeal, but go about as deep as a dixie cup. Gadot has the greater quantity of roles, but with nearly the same amount of quality.

One might more easily parallel Gal Gadot's casting in Batman vs. Superman with Synder's choice of Malin Åkerman in Watchmen as Silk Spectre II. Critics nailed her for a flat performance after the fanbase's initial excitment seeing her in costume. Gadot brings a great deal of style to the table. This will help her duck that kind of criticism, but being Wonder Wonder will require a serious performance before she ever sees a solo lead as the Amazon princess. Like Carano, a serious acting performance is the one thing Gal Gadot has yet to give.


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