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With internet domain names registered for a The Last of Us movie, I'm starting to think of names that will attract viewers who aren't familiar with the Naughty Dog title and who can play the part.

Josh Brolin - Joel

Brolin is my #1 choice for Joel, because of his badass attitude and ability to kick ass. Also, he's already got the voice, hair, and goatee.

Dennis Quaid - Joel

Dennis Quaid is my other choice-actor for the role of Joel, but only because his voice is similar to the post-apocalyptic Texan. He may (or may not) need to bulk up a little to reach Joel's size.

Chloe Grace Moretz - Ellie

A lot of people say that Ellen Page would be good for the role of Ellie, because she looks similar. To me, it's not about looks though. Ellie is a tough character in the game, and not just physically. She has the mentality of a survivor that evolves through the game. I think it'd be interesting to have someone who's just starting to get the mentality of an adult, not someone with much experience. Moretz also showed off her ass-kicking skills to audiences as Hit Girl in both Kick Ass and Kick Ass 2.

Sigourney Weaver - Tess

I was immediately drawn to Weaver playing the role of Tess. She just fits it perfectly, especially after playing pivotal roles in action movies such as, Avatar, Alien, and Abduction. We know that she's a tough character that can handle her own.

W. Earl Brown - Bill

Currently famous for his role on HBO's Deadwood, Brown is the perfect match for Bill, that I could find. Perfect physique, perfect hair, perfect attitude. I couldn't think of--or find--anyone that I would love to see in this movie.

Rosario Dawson / Zoe Saldana - Marlene

I don't have much to say for these choices. I doubt that they would put Saldana in there, for a few reasons; one, being that this would probably be a medium-budget movie, and Saldana would cost way too much. Also, I don't think she would want to associate herself with the movie if it tanked (as most video game-turned-movies do).

Dawson would be the better choice, because we've seen her as a tough leader before, and this role would fit her nicely.

Other characters

There are a few characters that I could not think of actors for, so I'll leave it up to the readers:

  • Henry
  • Sam
  • Joel's daughter
  • Tommy
  • Tommy's wife
  • David

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