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Endure and Survive.

Recently, I posted my fan-casting for the (now) speculated The Last of Us movie. Afterwards, I started to think about what type of things I'd like to see, and what kind of things that could ruin this epic adventure; because, as you know, Hollywood has a knack for ruining video game-based movies.

The Story

For those that played the game, you know that The Last of Us follows both Joel and Ellie across the United States, hoping to find The Fireflies and a cure for the infection that spreads. Now, this is a pretty basic story and through the game's cutscenes, unfolds nicely and smoothly. If Sony was smart about the production of the film, they would stick mostly to what we see in the cutscenes. But who wants to pay to see a movie when you could just watch a fan-made video on YouTube? No, they need something that would draw viewers in, even those unfamiliar with the game.

What I hope doesn't happen is unnecessary emotion throughout the movie. We don't need extended scenes showing the relationship between Joel and Tess. We don't want to see Sam and Ellie's friendship become more than friendship--it doesn't work out anyway. However, it is important to see the emotions between Joel and Ellie transform, as they are the main protagonists and is a huge theme in the game.

The Characters

If Sony was smart, they'd spend a lot of time with the cast of this movie. Nothing could ruin this movie (or any movie) than a bad cast. For example, in a recent article, I read that Jake Gyllenhaal was on someone's fan-cast. What's most important is the voice and mood of the actors.

The Filming

The Last of Us is a dark game and gets darker as the game is played. Both Joel and Ellie's moods change as the need for survival becomes more essential. So, that being said, this movie adaptation needs a good director and someone that knows how to work a camera. My top choices for a director would be Guillermo Del Toro, Marc Webb, and J.J. Abrams. Abrams will most likely be tied down with other large-scale projects, but these are just ideas..

Leave comments if you have your own ideas for anything I've talked about!


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