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I just want to talk about this movie and what it could be. A Legend Of Zelda movie could open the door if it's successful for a whole load of other video game movies like Halo, Gears Of War, and others if done well. IGN made an April Fools trailer for this movie and it's amazing and I think if they do the Zelda movie like this, it could be amazing and be the fantasy series that replaces The Lord Of The Rings when The Hobbit is finished. Here is the April Fools Trailer:

I also heard that Nintendo wants to make the movie interactive where people can interact with the movie by taking out their 3DS in the movie, and I hate this idea, it would be distracting and it would take away from the movie. There are also tons of games to choose from to tell the story of Legend Of Zelda on the big screen. It would be hard to develop Link as a character since Link doesn't really talk besides...well you know the dark ages...

The Legend Of Zelda cartoon show.
The Legend Of Zelda cartoon show.

The Legend Of Zelda series is basically the Lord Of The Rings in the gaming world, and Nintendo needs to get into the film business, Super Mario Bros: The Movie was 20 years ago, so Nintendo its time to start making movies by making an epic live-action adaption of the brilliant game series. The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time is considered by many to be the best game ever made, and its time to show that it could be the greatest video-game movie ever. The only video-game movie franchise we really have are the Resident Evil films and Silent Hill. Now I start to wonder if Nintendo did make this movie, what would it be rated? I personally think PG-13 so that it can have the action we want, and if it was G or PG we wouldn't get the action and the great story we want. If Legend Of Zelda is a successful movie, then Nintendo can realize that they could make good video game movies and do an animated Mario movie, or make The Legend Of Zelda into a franchise, a very good one. Listen Nintendo, all the fans are ready, we know you can do it, and if you cant, find someone who can, and you will get tons of money, and you will be known as the one company who were able to make a good video game adaption and we would all buy a ticket, right? Now if Nintendo does decide to do this film, they should give a the money to the people from IGN who made the trailer to make this movie and it would be IGN's first theatrical film and it would be the best video game movie ever.

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