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Ron Burgundy is back and returns to New York to take the first ever 24-hour news channel by storm.


Will Ferrell - Ron Burgundy

Christina Applegate - Veronica Corningstone

Paul Rudd - Brian Fantana

Steve Carrell - Brick Tamland

David Koechner - Champ Kind


It seems like only yesterday that Ron Burgundy and his Channel 4 News Team graced our screens becoming legends and household names in modern culture. However, it has been nine long years and finally the sequel to the cult comedy classic Anchorman has arrived. To say it is highly anticipated would be an understatement considering the popularity of the first film. Thankfully Anchorman 2 does not suffer from 'sequel syndrome' as although it is not as funny as the first, it is achingly hilarious, wonderfully unique and even more out there with the obscureness ratcheted up.

The comedic style of the Anchorman films is quite unique, but it works wonderfully. Combining a witty script with spot on improvisations, you will be laughing throughout with never a boring moment. Boundaries are pushed, but not too far to make the humour offensive rather than funny. Like in the first film much of the comedy is out there and unusual but the right balance is achieved. The funniest scene in the film is so overblown and ridiculous it should not work, but the writing is quick and witty meaning it does with hilarious results. There is a combination of one liners, physical comedy and more lengthy complicated jokes showing that the cast and crew are not a bunch of one trick ponies. Like with all comedies the humour will not be for everyone, but with a mixture of jokes it will be hard to find someone who does not laugh at least a few times at this film.

The best comedies are not only incredibly funny, but they also have a great story that will hold your attention throughout and support the jokes. Setting Anchorman 2 nine years after the first film was the right move as we see how the team have fared in a new era of television, fashion and news. It is a good foundation to set up a series of events that will provide brilliant jokes as the team now have to deal with black politics, a new style of 24 hour news and perms! There are even some emotional parts of the film as the beloved Brick gets a well deserved sub-plot as he falls in love and Burgundy has to deal with marriage and being a father. However, like with all Will Ferrell films Anchorman 2 does at times feel very self-indulgent and also silly, especially when Burgundy is living in his lighthouse. The director could have easily cut away these parts and then also the film would not be over long; it should be 90 minutes not 120!

But the good outweighs the bad, especially when it comes to acting. Ferrell is just as funny, outrageous and well groomed as ever as Burgundy, Carrell as dumb and adorable as Brick, Koechner as loud as Champ and Rudd as sexual and promiscuous as Fantana (whose cologne Sex Perfume comes out to play again). Perfectly cast these four actors embody their characters sublimely and interact well with hilarious consequences. You can see they are having fun whilst filming, which makes us have more fun! The rest of the returning cast are back and just as good as ever working well with the new additions, the fabulous Kristen Wiig joining the cast as Brick's love interest and Greg Kinnear as Veronica's new lover Gary, amongst others. With Anchorman being so popular of course there were going to be plenty of celebrity cameos in the sequel, but the standard is so high and funny they need to be seen to be believed. With nearly all of them appearing together in one scene, these five minutes are some of the most entertaining in cinema history.

Thankfully Anchorman 2 is the sequel fans deserved being bigger, more outrageous and Burgundy-er than ever! It is over long and at points incredibly self-indulgent, but this is soon forgotten with the hilarious jokes, shocking cameos and excellent dialogue. This is the most fun you will have in a cinema this Christmas.

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comedy : the legend continues


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