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For those of you who don't know, Rose Red is Snow White's sister. In my opinion, this is the most logical choice for a sequel to the famed Snow White & The Huntsman. I mean, they've done the adaptation to the original snow white story. But now what happens? Sure they have a few things to go on, but only drama-wise.The original Grimm fairytale of Snow White & Rose Red introduces a whole new story for the writers to pick over and adapt however they want.

Here's a link to the fairytale:

So the main question is, if Snow White has a sister where has she been in all this? Rose is the more outgoing sister. Say when she was a little girl she was playing in the gardens and happened to find a way out of the palace. Just a cubbyhole sort of thing that only a small child could fit through. She starts running and playing in the woods and then hours later she's far too lost to find her way out of the woods. She wanders wanders until she's so exhausted that she falls unconscious. She's then found by a family who live nearby and is raised as one of their own, but is believed to be dead back at the palace.

Of course, there are other questions. Why is Rose Red never mentioned? Why doesn't she try to get back home? Because she has amnesia? Wouldn't a search party have come across the the cabin she was taken to? As to the last question, the truth is I have a completely different idea as to how she grows up, but I intend to post my plot idea later.

(Personally I think the amnesia thing is overused.)

Potential actresses:

Emma Stone

Looks-wise Stone is a good contender against Kristen Stewart. She's also demonstrated a broad range of acting skills with The Help, Gangster Squad, Easy A and The Amazing Spiderman.

Emma Watson:

Yes, Emma's are awesome, and so is the one above. Do I need to say more?

Jennifer Lawrence:

Other than the obvious, Lawrence could bring a bit more spunk to the series. Which it probably doesn't need, but it wouldn't hurt to have.


Rose Red in the Snow White & The Huntsman sequel?


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