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With the recent news that Sony has green-lit a Venom Movie I did some research and found numerous hosts for the Venom Symbiote on the Marvel Wiki. Not wanting to get too bogged down in alias' I decided to just go with the ones that are in the Mainstream, Ultimate, and 2099 Marvel Universes. Even then I still came up with 10 people who have hosted the Symbiote. Using that list, here are the ten possible alias' that we may see Venom using on the Silver Screen. I have listed them in chronological order from when the Symbiote bonded with him/her noting my two choices as the possible alias in the upcoming movie:

1. Peter Parker - Known as Spiderman, he was bonded with the Symbiote in the Beyonder's realm. When the Symbiote started exerting control over him, Peter went to Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards) and he forcefully removed the Symbiote from Peter's body.

2. Eddie Brock - The second and most well-known host of the Alien Symbiote, Eddie is a disgraced Journalist that blames Spiderman for all of his own failures. When he bonds with the Symbiote,Venom is born. After years of wrong-doing He finally was able to give up the Symbiote after several tries when it almost made him kill Peter Parker's Aunt May, whom Eddie sees as a true innocent. One of the two most likely alias' that will be in the movie.

3. Anne Weying - Known as She-Venom while hosting the Symbiote, Anne is Eddie Brock's ex-wife. While helping Spiderman find Eddie, she is attacked while he is nearby. This causes the Symbiote to go to her and she kills her attackers in such a manner that Eddie is afraid for and of her at the same time. Eddie finally gets the Symbiote to come back to him and Anne is physically sickened by what she has done. Later, she is arrested for a crime she didn't commit and the Symbiote combines with her again through the phone lines allowing her to escape. She eventually commits suicide unable to cope with not only what she has done, but what Eddie has done as Venom as well.

4. Angelo Fortunato - After his ex-wife, Anne, kills herself Eddie decides to go straight and auctions off the Symbiote to the highest bidder. That bidder is Angelo's father who gives the Symbiote to his son even after being warned about it by Eddie. Angelo fights Spiderman, but is losing the battle. He decides to run away and the Symbiote, realizing that he is a coward, removes itself from him in mid-air causing him to fall to his death. Ironically, Spiderman was unable to save him because Angelo had damaged his web-shooters in the battle.

5. Mac Gargan - Better known as Scorpion, he became known as Ven-orpion when the Symbiote bonded with him after leaving Angelo's body. He worked for Norman Osborn's Avengers for a time and was eventually captured and had the Symbiote forcibly removed from his body by the U.S. Military.

6. Flash Thompson - Flash was Peter Parker's frienemy. They grew up together going to the same schools and Flash eventually joined the army only to lose his legs from the knee down in Iraq. He volunteered for a new program in which he was bonded with the Symbiote taking the name Agent Venom and working for the U.S. Government. He recently asked his old friend Peter Parker for a place to stay unaware that Dr. Octopus' mind is inhabiting Peter's body. "Peter" convinces Flash to accept new prosthetic legs and while preforming the Operation, the Symbiote is forcibly removed from Flash's body by Dr. Octopus/Superior Spiderman.There has been a Venom movie planned with Flash as the alias for five years making him my second choice as Venom's alias in the upcoming movie.

7. General Thunderbolt Ross - Known as the Red Hulk, General Ross dies while fighting Ghostrider's villain Blackheart. He is given a chance to live again by Blackheart's Father who combines Red Hulk and the spirit of vengence into one person, then having the Venom Symbiote accept him as it's new host. Thus was Venom Ghostrider born. General Ross fought and defeated Blackheart as Venom Ghostrider before willingly giving up both the Alien Symbiote and the spirit of vengence so that they could return to their rightful hosts.

8. Otto Octavius/ "Peter Parker" - The current Mainstream host of the Alien Symbiote, now known as Superior Venom. As stated in number six above, Dr. Octopus transferred his mind into Peter Parker's body and now goes by Superior Spiderman in the comics of the same name. "Peter" recently tricked the current host of the Venom Symbiote, Flash Thompson, into recieving prosthetic legs, using the operation as a way of forcibly removing the Symbiote from Flash's body.

9. Dr. Conrad Marcus - Known as Ultimate Venom, He was a scientist for the Roxxon Corporation that melded with the Venom Symbiote to kill Betty Brant and find out who the new Spiderman was. Ultimate Venom went after the wrong man and was defeated when the real spiderman showed up. Going after the same man he had injured before, Conrad was shot & killed by Police when the Symbiote was blown off his body after he was again defeated by Ultimate Spiderman.

10. Kron Stone - Known as Venom 2099, Kron is the Half Brother of Spiderman 2099 (Miguel O'Hara). Always a bully, he delighted in causing other people pain going so far as trying to kill his own brother. Kron bonds with the Symbiote after being almost killed by Punisher 2099 and dumped in a sewer. In this timeline the Symbiote has mutated and gives Kron Acidic blood and Saliva as well as amorphous skin. He is defeated when Spiderman 2099 has the whole town turn on sonic speakers knocking out the Symbiote. Later when the Symbiote is separated from Kron it bonds with Sub-mariner 2099 and flees into the ocean.

There you have them, folks, my list of 10 Venom Alias' that may be in the upcoming venom movie. Which one is your favorite? sound off in the comments below and follow me on [email protected] if you like.


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