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Ok, so you all know what this is about... Cool, so let's talk. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is an outrage to a lot of fans, but fans do consider the fact that she has the potential like any person who was criticized for a role they was cast for.

One of the things I am worried about is putting too many characters in a Superman and Batman collision movie, where the main premise should be Batman and Superman confrontation, then their eventual team up. I am just hoping they do not put larger than life villains in the movie (Doomdays, Brainac, ect.) I just hope that Wonder Woman has a cameo in the movie. Also, it would be interesting if her movie was a prequel to the events of Man of Steel.

Well, in terms of the Wonder Woman as a character, Gal Gadot of course needs to bulk up and do a lot of athletic training, which will happen. One of the biggest concerns is if Gal Gadot live up to the role of Diana Prince, the fierce brave-heart warrior princess of Themiscyra.

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