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All is Lost stars Robert Redford as a sailor in the middle of a large body of water (presumably an ocean). The character faces several challenges throughout his voyage including leaks, storms, and almost anything you can possibly imagine happening while at sea.

Rating: 4/5 stars

Let me just say that this movie was quite something! I never thought I would enjoy a movie like this as much as I did, as there were less than 45 words spoken throughout the ENTIRE movie, Robert Redford was the only person in the movie, and there were several times that I had no clue what was going on (in regards to the circumstances). But let me just say, don't let those reasons stop you from seeing it! Redford did a phenomenal job at mastering the solo scenes and pulling the viewer into his world. It was awesome watching him deal with each issue that came his way. To tell you more would ruin it, but, it is indeed a must see!


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