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Brad Gilliland

Lost Girl is probably one of those shows that you have heard about and never watched, which has made it to Season 4. Lost girl is a supernatural drama that follows a Succubus named Bo as she learns how to use and control her abilities, help out those in need and find the truth about her origins. The story involves all sorts of different "Fae", which are mythological creatures based from real-life folklore. If you are into fantasy, sci-fi, supernatural or paranormal shows you will enjoy this one. I suggest going back and starting from Season 1 and spending a weekend watching through Season 3.

Lost Girl is a Canadian based drama and airs on the Showcase Network. In the US it appears on the Scifi network. So if you are in Canada you were able to start watching Season 4 on, November 10, 2013. On Scifi Season 4 will premier on, January 13, 2014.

Don't fret though, if you really can't wait to start watching Season 4 you can also head to Showcase's website and watch new full episodes.


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