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Alamin Saleh

I cannot think of a show that has come back in its second season as strongly as Arrow, except maybe Scandal. The characters are more fleshed out and are interacting with new people. Comic books fans get their fill on a regular basis. The island storyline is more directly involved with the current storyline unlike the first season when we just learned more about Oliver’s time on the Island. The show seems to be tighter and does not leave anyone out.

Oliver’s transition from vigilante to hero is really helping the character. In the first season Oliver was always hiding things, on top of the mysteries of the Island and his frustrating need to be alone. Now he accepts both Felicity and Diggle, the three of them are a real team. With his mother out of the picture at the beginning of the season, Oliver decided to step up for his family. Tommy’s death really propelled Oliver’s change and I think it improved the character for the viewers. Whatever terrible things happened in the past or happen in the present he is trying to make his way to becoming Green Arrow.

Team Arrow is now a functional team. Diggle has a love life again after his relationship from last season ended ended, which also makes him our way into A.R.G.U.S. His character is not just about his relationship with Oliver anymore. The return of Floyd Lawton always makes Diggle an interesting man, hopefully he is part of the Suicide Squad. Felicity has made it clear that she is an equal member of the team. She is taking a larger role on the missions. Additionally she has a love life, well kinda. Her possible relationship with Oliver and her recent flirtation with Barry Allen. Her continued interactions with Detective Lance are always interesting.

The new characters are another great aspect of the show. The introduction of members of the Suicide Squad is great for the show. Deadshot will hopefully be involved in the storyline in the second half of the season, but the new ones are great too. Michael Jai White as Bronze Tiger was a good start for a show partly driven by action. He could serve as a way to bring China White into the fold, unless it is revealed the reason they were together was because they are already members of the Suicide Squad. The most interesting member so far is Kevin Alejandro’s Brother Blood. He interacts with so many of the series regulars. Roy Harper’s search as led into directly into Brother Blood’s hand, who The Arrow is now going to be pursuing. On the other end of things both Laurel and Oliver has dealings with Sebastian Blood, now running for office. Then there is Isabel Rochev, who I am convinced is Talia al Ghul, making Oliver’s office life a little more interesting. Sarah Lance making her back into everyone’s lives has livened up the show, both crime fighting and daily life. Lastly Amanda Waller in her normally bitchy self has graced us with her presence, fingers crossed she is part of the Suicide Squad.

What I am looking forward to his the second part of the season. Slade Wilson being the Big Bad makes things very interesting. I would like to see what his plans are for Team Arrow because it seemed his revenge is going to personal as a result of Shado’s death. The payoff of spending all the time with Slade on the Island is here. Roy could become a bad guy working for Wilson or he could be on the fast track to join Team Arrow, Red Arrow or Arsenal will do. I want more League of Assassins, especially with Nyssa al Ghul coming to town. I want some more one off villains like Dollmaker earlier this season. Also Sarah needs to come back, so we can have less Sarah scared on the Island and more Black Canary kicking ass. There would also be more for Sin to do. Malcolm Merlyn’s bomb-dropping needs to go somewhere.


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