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And who would fill the shoes if WB were ever to put Super Girl back on the silver screen? While I don’t care for DC’s new 52, I do like the revamped story surrounding the Woman of steel, Kara Zor El. I know there has been no information as to when we will finally see Superman’s cousin in action, but with the brief on-screen appearance of Wonder Woman in the new Superman film, maybe there is a glimmer of hope. (In case you didn't know, Super Girl is Wonder Woman's apprentice...)

While I don’t see a stand-alone film for the character in the near future, why no cameo?! I often wonder, if we will ever get to see Kara Zor-El again on screen, who would portray the character to the best. Maybe the right casting would give the fans a reason to want to see more of the character. I know we probably won’t see Kara on screen until we see Wonder Woman on the big screen, but my head is already swirling with a few choices. Here are my picks for future Kara Zor-El contenders:



Another choice that I think would be an fantastic (and and an obvious) choice. Why not get an Oscar nominated actress (Atonement), whom can kick serious ass (Hannah) and look good doing it? Some have thrown her name out there to be the next Sue Storm, which I disagree with. Either way, she really is 100% the total package, and everyone knows it. Do I really have to continue to explain?? She can do no wrong at all...


Amber Heard looks born for this role!
Amber Heard looks born for this role!

The fan favorite that everyone has been talking about and for good reason! Amber Heard, has the look that is closely linked to the comic book character. To me it seems like Heard was born to play the part. While she hasn’t had the best of success with her film choices (Both Drive Angry, and Rum Diary were big commercial flops), she’s very talented. I believe she would be able to wipe away the shame of the disaster that is Supergirl 1984. The only issue with this casting is her age. Kara-Zor El is very young, and Amber Heard is pushing 30. However, if they wanted to a woman of steel who appeared more seasoned, this would be my first choice I actually think she would be a better choice for Sue Storm

Possible a better fit for this role.
Possible a better fit for this role.



Youth not wasted!
Youth not wasted!

I say interesting because she doesn’t have the typical look of Kara Zor-El. Actually, I think she's pretty far removed from this character, but that's the reason I like this casting choice. Tassia Farmiga seems to be following in her sister’s (Oscar nominated actress Vera Farmiga) footsteps. In her short career, Tassia has managed 2 seasons of American Horror Story, and acting along side her sister in 2011s Higher Ground, and starring alongside Emma Watson in the Bling Ring. I do believe the girl has massive amounts of talent. While not fitting along the lines of the brooding type of SuperGirl I want, she has a very innocent, vulnerable look about her, which I think would be perfect for daughter of Kypton discovering Earth for the first time.



Would be the brooding type...and it wouldn
Would be the brooding type...and it wouldn't be half bad

Ok folks, I know Kristen has amassed a pretty poor reputation for herself amid the Snow White scandal. Also, I know most people hate this chick because of her lack of ‘acting’ in the Twilight films. With all that said, I am asking you to still hear me out!

Contrary to popular belief, Kristen Stewart can act....

Smile muscles are not dead!
Smile muscles are not dead!

And smile.....

If you watch The Runaways, Into The Wild, or Welcome to the Riley’s, you might just change your mind about her. Just Stewart is also pretty far removed from the actual character, but she would bring a very dark edge to the character. Brooding, not yet as eager to serve mankind, using her powers to the fullest extent, which would be so opposite of how Superman comes across. And rightfully so! These two characters should not play the same, at least not at first. Kristen Stewart would definitely be fierce as Kara Zor-El. Fans may not like it, but these days, no one cares what the fans think….



The former model turned actress only acting credits include 2013’s Carrie, and 2011’s Three Musketeers. Not much in the way of experience, but that’s not a bad thing. Adding fresh young talent to the mix always livens things up. Not to mention, having an actress that can learn and grow with the role/franchise can build a sense of loyalty with the fans, and the franchise as a whole. While I haven’t seen much from her, I wouldn’t mind giving this young girl a chance. She definitely looks perfect for the part!

Do you think there is hope of a cinematic future for Kara Zor-El? I know we just got a victory with Wonder Woman, at least making an appearance on screen, so maybe that means Kara Zor-El may not be too far behind? Its too soon to tell, but not too soon to hope!

Leave your thoughts below!!


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