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That’s the question on every true movie lovers mind this holiday season. It's not "what sweater should I wear?", it's not "what over priced gift should I get my wife?", its "what movie am I going to go to the theater and watch once the gift giving is done and the turkey eating is over?"

If this were any other year the answer would be simple. Last year the heavy hitters on Christmas Day were Django Unchained and Les Miserables, (easy pick, go with the one that’s not about slavery on Christmas Day), but this year we’re being giving the choice of three equally impressive looking films that are all swirling with Oscar buzz. This year December 25th is bringing The Wolf of Wall Street, American Hustle and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty all to the screen at the same time.

Each one of these films looks fantastic, but Christmas Day is like Highlander, there can only be one. So lets take a look at each of these films, and see if we can weigh in on which one deserves our attention most.

The Wolf of Wall Street is Scorsese’s first adult movie since 2010’s Shutter Island. It of course stars Leonardo Di Caprio, and tells the true life story of Wall Street hustler Jordan Belfort who made millions of dollars while cheating the system in the 1990’s. The trailer for the film shows Di Caprio having a blast, eating the scenes that are brought before him, and Jonah Hill seems to be having a great time as well. We can expect nothing less but a fun ride with a Scorsese film.

American Hustle is David O. Russel’s latest film, which reunites him with Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence (both of whom starred in Russel’s Oscar winning film Silver Lining’s Playbook) as well as Christian Bale and Amy Adams (both of whom starred in Russel’s Oscar winning film The Fighter). Hustle tells the story of a group of con men in the 1970’s who get involved with an undercover FBI operation. The cast is great, the director is great, and the story is intriguing, sounds like a formula for a successful Christmas movie.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty stars Ben Stiller and is directed by him as well. It looks like your usual big budget, effects driven, holiday movie (think 2008’s The Curios Case of Benjamin Button), but this one sports Stiller in a serious role, that looks like it will carry weight. Its about a man who lives a boring, unsatisfying life, who ironically works for Life Magazine. He spends his days day dreaming. This could be this year's Christmas feel good movie, which is something to consider if your wife is convinced you wore the wrong sweater and hates the non-Apple tablet she found in her stocking.

It really is a tough choice this year, and the solution all depends on what you want from your Christmas movie, but for me personally, there’s only one choice, I have to see Scorsese’s new film. The other two will just have to wait. I'm really interested in seeing Christian Bale and Jennifer Lawrence's performances in American Hustle and I'm confident Stiller won't disappoint in Walter Mitty, but I just can't say no to Scorsese. What about you guys, which film will be your Christmas movie?


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