ByChris Fields, writer at
Chris Fields

Variety has reported that Joseph Gordon-Levitt has joined the team at WB to produce and possibly star in the film adaptation of The Sandman. A much lesser known character that I admittedly didn't know much about before this announcement, has had many variations and stories. From its origin as a one shot book that got picked up and carried on for 75 issues from 1989 through 1996, seems to have a very loose continuity and many different versions of the character. From what I've read thus far they will be going the route of the suit, fedora, and gas mask wearing hero that uses sand and a flame gun to fight crime.

The more I learn the more I am intrigued by this idea and think JGL could pull this little known hero into the light. I will be digging deeper into both the news of this story and the history of the character and will update the fine folks here on MP as I learn more.


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