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Who Will Take Part

The Green Arrow

Obviously Oliver will be a member. He will make the full transition from vigilante to hero. The Green Arrow will make his appearance.


Oliver’s right hand man will continue to help Oliver fight criminals. Fingers crossed there is an arc where he works at A.R.G.U.S either undercover or just for some other reason. I want him to change it up.

Felicity Smoak

Where Smallville had Chloe, Arrow has Felicity. Hopefully she will become Arrow’s version of Watchtower, minus the crazy storyline where Chloe became obsessed with tracking everyone and knowing anything. It would be great if she got some fighting skills, maybe some bonding with Sara Lance, since she insists on helping out in the field. Regardless of that the resident tech girl will continue to have the backs of our heroes.

Black Canary

The heroine is necessary for the world of Green Arrow. Her role could be love interest or just partner depending on who ends up wearing the suit. The storyline started this year when she came to town kicking ass. The only question about Black Canary is who will fill the shoes.

Option 1: Sara Lance

Making her way back into Oliver’s life, the girl we thought drowned when the yacht crashed, with a mask on. Sara Lance was trained by the League of Assassins and has the skill to continue wearing the mantle of Black Canary. While she may be the better trained option, she may not end up being the Black Canary in the end. First of all the show runners called her appearance “the beginning of the Black Canary story” and that can mean a few things. It could mean that Sara will be on the long road of redemption or that she will only expose the Arrow world to the superhero Black Canary. Second Sara has done some dark shit. Killing people for the League of Assassins puts her in possible murkier moral water than even Oliver Queen.

Option 2: Laurel Lance

Now Laurel Lance should end up being Black Canary. While Sara learned to fight by learning to kill people, Laurel learned to protect herself by her father. She already showed some understanding of benefits of “the Vigilante” and that can only increase once Arrow becomes a hero. Unlike Sara, Laurel is morally good, which I think make her a better fit than Sara. From a storyline standpoint, Laurel needs to be brought into the action more directly, he role drifted more this season away from the other characters. Unfortunately the only way I see her becoming Black Canary is if Sara dies.

Roy Harper

Roy should become the sidekick. Whether he becomes a version of Arsenal or Red Arrow I think Roy will make a great addition to the team. Roy has been trying very hard to work with the vigilante and will him becoming injected, it seems like he is closer to finding out the truth. Regardless of which role he ends up taking up Roy should become part of the team.

Other Possibilities

-Nightwing would make a great addition to the team, if the role is cast properly.

-Huntress could come back for redemption and become a recurring player (Also I want The Question on Arrow SOO BADLY).

-Mia Dearden is another option, becoming THE SPEEDY of Arrow or possibly Arrowette.

Why This Will Work Better

A lot of people found Smallville’s version of the JLA hurt the show more than it helped. I believe that Arrow will have better luck in their version for many reason.

Full of Series Regulars

Unlike Smallville, the members of the Arrow team are all character we knew from the beginning. Oliver, Felicity, Diggle, Roy these are people we meet earlier on. The characters fighting are people we have seen since the beginning, so we enjoy watching them. When Smallville added The Flash, Cyborg, Black Canary, Aquaman and Green Arrow, The Green Arrow was the only regular from the superhero bunch. Storylines like The Green Arrow registering and revealing himself made the heroes fighting crime difficult because Clark would have to do everything. Also it made people like Tess Mercer have to join the team. Making the team members part of the show, allow for us to care about them outside of the case they are brought in for. If there is going to be a formation of a team like JLA there needs to be a commitment to the characters.

No Retooling Required

Part of the Smallville problem was when the new superheroes joined the show changed. This was a show about a kid growing up, going to high school and helping teens who were infected. Then all of a sudden there was a team of heroes, government operations and fighting crime on a planetary scale. The change was very jarring. That won’t happen to Arrow because where Smallville changed is where Arrow starts. We beginning with Oliver forming a small team and taking names off of the list. The mission has changed, but nothing else has. The team will fight their enemies and save people, they did not start in high school.


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