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The character of Spider-Man is my favorite Marvel hero so I would love to make my own film. My dream career is to be a film writer and director so I thought I would get started with a short film called 'Spider-Man: Thrill of the Hunt'. I've been working of a draft of the script and I will give you a quick summary of the film without spoilers.

Plot: "The films begins after an encounter with the maniacal hunter Sergei Kravenoff; Spider-Man is holding onto the side of a building as well as his love interest: the Black Cat who is wounded. With no web fluid left and many injuries, can Spider-Man stop the hunter and save Black Cat?"

As far as designs go I have decided on a suit for Spider-Man:

NOT original concept art but I wish to inspire the look of this.
NOT original concept art but I wish to inspire the look of this.

And Kraven the Hunter:

Also not original.
Also not original.

I might have a cast member but that's all I have done on this film. My brother will be the artist for everything on this film, we both want to start Row Of Birds Entertainment. All progress will be updated on and our facebook page called: Row Of Birds Entertainment which you can go to by clicking the link down below.

Will you watch my film? Tell me what you think of what I got so far.


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