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Ashtin Birkicht

Let me start out by saying, I love DC comics. I may have grown up with Marvel, but DC had my heart with Batman Begins and kept it with The Dark Knight. And then I watched the new Man of Steel movie..

With what could only be described as pretty decent acting, with some great casting, and a pretty awesome story line, Man of Steel had my highest of hopes to get me aboard the Superman franchise as much as I had the Batman franchise. And yet, it was almost like watching a Star Wars movie, I'm taking prequels, the really bad stuff with crummy acting and even worse plot lines. Where was that great storyline I had heard so much about? Where were the characters whose casting I agreed upon?

They were buried up to their necks with special effects. It seemed like the whole movie's scenes were just fillers to get to the Really-Cool-And-Spectacular-Special-Effects-That-Would-Blow-Everyone's-Mind. And yet, they didn't. I knew that special effects would be a major part of the film, Superman's powers are too vast and incredible for there not to be, and yet I didn't think there would be that much. It was all chaos and destruction, with buildings smashing and people dying.

The special effects made me think Attack of the Clones. The scenes made me think Twilight. What was with the jumping around? I can understand the beginning, where you see the young Clark Kent growing up with his abilities and trying to fit in as a normal human being, while the older Clark Kent tries the same exact thing. I can even get behind a little jumping that makes the viewer think "Mmm not sure how we got here but OK-Oh I got'ch'ya" But the jumping from scene to scene without telling the viewer how the person got there, or what they were doing there to begin with? I'm not a huge fan of it. I want consistency, I want there to be enough of a transition between scenes, that I don't feel lost halfway through the movie wondering how we got there.

And like I said, I was a Marvel baby, I didn't grow up with the Superman comics, I was reading X-Men. I don't know Superman's back story, the extent of his powers, why Krypton has such an effect on him. I was hoping the movie would clear most of it up for me, so when the Batman vs. Superman movie came out, or even better if a Justice League movie came out, I'd know more about the superhero I didn't grow up with. After watching the movie twice, I'm stuck with a big "Huh?" look on my face wondering if I should even see the Batman Vs. Superman movie.

Will it be nothing but special effects? Will there be a great plot line and great characters hidden behind poor scene changes? Will others feel completely clueless while watching the movie, because the Man of Steel movie was unable to help them figure out more about the Kryptonian alien found on our planet?

I will say this, before I end this post, I am more than happy to watch the Batman Vs. Superman movie, so long as Amy Adam's Louis Lane continues to be in it. I was almost blown away by the actress's ability to play such a down to earth character, one who isn't afraid to take risks, especially after seeing her play characters like Giselle in Enchanted.


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