ByChris Fields, writer at
Chris Fields

It is almost here, the annual Christmas special for BBC's Doctor who. Coming off the momentum of a spectacular 50th anniversary special, they are about to shake things up again and introduce the 12th Doctor.

As we learned in the 50th The Doctor's home planet of Gallifrey was not destroyed in the time war, it was placed into a suspended state and is still out there. At the conclusion the current Doctor (Matt Smith) said "I'm going home." and this implies that the new incarnation of The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) will be focused on finding his long lost people, and he no longer has to carry the burden of having committed double genocide to end the time war.

Every regeneration is a pivotal point for the universe's first super hero, never knowing what new quirky personality traits will emerge or what will stay the same. As we learned in "The Day of The Doctor" this will actually be the 13th regeneration, the established limit for a Time Lord, so that means that unless they find a very interesting way to extend the life cycle of a Time Lord this should be the last. Although this wouldn't be the first time this issue has come up. One of The Doctor's enemies (The Master) was granted a whole new life cycle by the Time Lords, so it is possible for the show to continue on for another 50 years.


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