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A list of horror movies from Italy, South Korea, France, Spain and more, that both satisfy and terrify.

While Hollywood’s horror movies are only occasionally scary, there are some that give you sleepless nights. Besides Hollywood, there is an entire world of movies out there equally as scary and artsy as the ones produced by Hollywood. We’ve made a list of horror movies from around the world that both satisfy and terrify.

1. Suspiria

Suspiria is a psychedelic and freakish Italian horror movie about a ballet school which is actually a coven of evil witches. The most beautiful and creepy part of the movie is its outstanding soundtrack.

2. Three…Extremes/SaamGaangYi – 2002

Three…Extremes is a horror movie collaboration of brilliant directors from Oriental Asia. The movie is about disfigured twins and a recurring dream about being trapped in a box. It only gets weirder from there.

3. Cinderella – 2006

Cinderella is a South Korean horror movie with an interesting take on the idea of beauty and the pains we go through to reach it. It centers on a mother-daughter relationship and how things start to go wrong when the mother (a plastic surgeon) operates on her daughter’s friends.

4. A Tale of Two Sisters/Janghwa, Hongryeon – 2003

Another South Korean horror movie, A Tale of Two Sisters concentrates more on psychological horror in a story where something is obviously amiss in a house that holds two sisters, and their father and stepmother.

5. Eyes Without a Face/Les YeuxSans Visage – 1960

A French-Italian black and white classic, Eyes Without a Face is a surreal masterpiece about a brilliant surgeon who kidnaps young women to try and graft their skin onto his daughter’s face.

6. [REC] – 2007

Spanish horror movie [REC] does the shaky cam right for once. The movie is about a young reporter trapped in a haunted house. The audience will definitely be disturbed by the frequent screams and infected creatures that appear in the movie.

7. Suicide Club/Jisatsusâkuru – 2001

Suicide Club is an independent Japanese film with a story that involves a young girl band and a suicide epidemic. The movie starts off with 54 high school girls jumping in front of a subway train while holding hands.

8. House/Hausu – 1977

This comical, outlandish Japanese movie has got to be the weirdest movie you will ever see. Carnivorous bedding and lamps sexualizing young girls, butt-biting decapitated heads, and dancing skeletons are just part and parcel of the movie.

9. Shutter – 2008

Following an original and brilliant storyline, Shutter is a Thai movie that is completely terrifying. It deals with mysterious shadows that show up in developed pictures.

10. Onibaba – 1964

Onibaba is a Japanese horror movie in black and white. Onibaba deals with a woman and her mother in law who feed themselves by trapping and killing soldiers who wander into their village.

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