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It was just announced that there would be a Venom spin-off so in the spirit of Spider-Man lets think on how Venom will fit in this new world created by Marc Webb.

1. Spider-Man vs Venom

Now we have seen this already and please don't remind me of the failure of Spider-Man 3 that was a dark day, now the reason didn't fit in the past Spider-Man universe is because HE WAS BARELY IN THE MOVIE!!!! i mean seriously last night i timed how long he was in the movie he was only in it for 25 minutes thats a problem, your main villain is only in the movie for 25 minutes and if you want to count only the time he wore the mask its 1 minute and 3 seconds. In this new Spider-Man universe we could finally get the full length 2 hours and 30 minutes of Spidey and Venom bashing at each other if done right, introduce the black suit in the 3rd movie let Peter use it threw the whole film and at the end make him give it up then its around time for a Venom spin-off were we have Eddy Brock at a point in his life were he is just about to give up but then he comes in contact with the suit, have most of the movie him trying to learn how to use it but also give him someone to face off with maybe Carnage or someone else. Then we get to The Amazing Spider-Man 4 the whole movie dedicated to Spidey and one of his greatest rivals facing off now after they fight what happens next well.

2. Venom Joins The Sinister Six.

After Peter and Eddy butt heads and Eddy looses the fight the man in the shadows (or the gentlemen) approaches Eddy and tells him that he is astonished by his abilities and has an opening for him Eddy says and what might that be the man in the shadows smiles and that leads us into our Sinister Six movie were Peter must fight all of his most powerful foes or it could go a little something like this.

3. Venom and Spider-Man Work Together To Save New York.

Now this is the last thing i think any of us would expect even though in the comic books this has happened before but just imagine this with me Peter and Eddy settle there differences because truly deep down Eddy wants to be a good guy and they both join forces to face off against the Sinister Six.

comment below how you think this will go down.


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