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i love movies what else is there to know
Jared Owens

The Spectacular Spider-Man is a film I'm working on I'm only in pre production I'm still writing getting shooting locations and actors I'm only going to give you guys a little of the movie because there are a lot of surprises in my film.

In The Spectacular Spider-Man Peter Parker has been the web slinging hero for six months now and is getting the hang of it even though his girlfriend Gwen Stacey believes that he should take things slow Peter thinks he's got the hang of being a hero. Norman Osborn has noticed Spider-Man and is astonished by his powers, Norman and his mysterious friend in the shadows agree that Spider-Man would make a good allie in there future plans. Norman confronts Spider-Man and ask him to join him Spider-Man says no. Norman sees if Spider-Man is not his allie then he is his enemy Norman sends a deadly assassin called the Chameleon to kill Spider-Man to end him once and for all.

thank you and please support my project trust me you guys will not be disappointed and the twist will keep you guys wondering till the end.


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