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Yoav Jäger

2014 is just around the corner... And after reviewing the current upcoming list of films that are heading our way- it looks like its going to be another Liam Neeson year!

For those of you who haven't realized it yet, Liam Neeson is one of the most busiest actors around in the past few years. Liam has already managed to confirm 5 films of which he will star in next year, marking him as the most prolific actor of 2014 so far.

In 2013 it was actually James Franco, who led the list of actors starring in the most films, with 8 appearances. For Liam Neeson 2013 was kind of a slow year, with only 4 appearances, BUT in 2012 he was the third busiest actor with 6 films and in 2010 he earned 7 acting credits, making him the top working actor of the year.

All in all, since 2010 also including his due to be released films in 2014, Liam Neeson will appear in 22 different movies in only 4 years! PRETTY AMAZING- who knew??

From playing Zeus (twice!), to his legendary Ra's Al Ghul character in the Batman series, to A-Team’s Hannibal- at 61, the Irish actor is at the height of his career.

These might not be the best roles of his career, when comparing them to his Oscar nominated performance for Schindler’s List or playing Rob Roy or his supporting role in Woody Allen’s Husbands and Wives… And also he might not even be close to the list of top grossing actors of each year…

Nonetheless, starring in so many films, especially in blockbuster hits such as Star Wars and Batman, certainly makes Liam Neeson an official Hollywood Badass, which will not be forgotten in the years to come.


Which film is your favorite Neeson film?


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