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This action thriller starts off unique and slowly, but surely transform into our everyday action thriller. The film stars Colin Farrell, Noomi Rapace and Terrence Howard. This movie follows the relationship that develops between Farrell’s Victor and Rapace’s Beatrice. Victor is a henchman of Alphonse, played by Terrence Howard. Beatrice is the woman who lived across the street from Victor.

The movie begins with Alphonse calling a meeting to tell his guys about the death of one of his men, Paul. Alphonse then discloses to his guys that he has been getting strange things in the mail. Pictures of himself with the eyes scratched out, pieces of a picture and cryptic messages.

Victor and Beatrice’s relationship begins by the two just staring at each other from their respective balconies until Beatrice’s mother lives a note supposedly from her daughter to Victor. On their date Beatrice tells her story, she was in a car accident that left her some facial disfigurations and the man responsible got out after only three weeks. She directs Victor to “a spot” for their date, which ends up being the house of the man that hit her with his car.

That’s when everything changes. Beatrice shows a video to Victor on her phone, stating that she knows what he did. The video shows Victor killing Paul, his fellow henchman. In exchanged for her secrecy, Beatrice wants Victor to kill the man that hurt her. As the movies continues we found out for details about Victor’s secret life and reason for revenge.

The twist that early in the relationship between the two leads starts the movie off very interesting. You want to learn more about Victor’s life, which we learn slowly, but surely. His motivation makes you care about his quest for revenge. Noomi Rapace plays her character very well. There is a depth and pain in her core that as a viewer we can see. In a movie fueled by Victor’s life and world her scenes did not come across as a distraction, which could have been the case. The end of the film left a lot to be desired. The action scene was pretty good, but the plotting towards the end was sloppy. As Victor’s plan began to unravel there was no sense of urgency. Things kept happening that necessitated adjustment to his plan, but we did not get a glimpse of his thought process.

Overall the film was entertaining. It was different enough to not come across as bland or generic. In a time where action movies and thrillers have become indistinguishable, Dead Man Down held its own. While the end was not great, the movie overall was good.

My first movie review, let me know what you think?


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