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Rowan Odom

So there are rumors going around about the Zelda movie and here is who I think should be in it.


Who should play our main character, Link? Link is quite silent in the games so it would be hard to choose but if I had to choose it would be one of these two actors:

Michael Cera

I think Michael Cera could pull of a very good Link, and it would a nice interesting take on the character.

Elijah Wood

I think that Elijah Wood could pull off Link very well but he has already played the main character in a fantasy series so does he really need to own another one?


Now I can only think of one actress who could really play Zelda.

Emma Watson

In my mind, Emma Watson can be the only one who could play Zelda in this movie, and if you read some of my other lists you probably expected Olivia Thirlby to play Zelda and I don't think that she could pull off Zelda, even though she is an amazing actress, I can really only see Emma Watson in the role of Zelda


Now this is a really hard choice but the only actor that I think could play Ganon is...

Hugh Jackman

I don't know why but I just see him as Ganon in the Zelda movie but another actor came to my mind really quick but I'm not sure, just throwing it out there:

Christian Bale

I don't know why but I just saw him in the makeup and hair and thought to myself "that could work".

So let me know in the comments below who you want to be in the movie, I just covered the three major characters.


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