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It’s not hard to see why Jennifer Lawrence has an enormous fan-base, one that just keeps on growing. She appears to be very down-to-earth, she’s funny, and she’s a very talented actress. Her most notable performances are in Winter’s Bone (2010), The Hunger Games (2012), and Silver Linings Playbook (2012).

I’m a fan of her work, but I have some reservations about her growing popularity. In my personal experience, I’ve encountered many die-hard J-Law fans. Some proclaim she is the greatest actress of the last ten years, and others say her performances rank as some of the best in cinematic history. I’m not exaggerating; many people do believe this. I’m concerned that any halfway decent performance she gives in future will be lauded as ‘masterful’ and ‘perfect,’ by millions of movie going fans. Of course it all comes down to personal opinion, which is the be all and end all of the movie-critiquing world.

So far in her short career, Jennifer Lawrence is receiving accolades that many great actresses have waited decades to get, while some still haven’t gotten their dues (such as Glenn Close and Julianne Moore). I’m not saying J-Law doesn’t deserve credit for her achievements, I just feel that there are actresses who are far more deserving of widespread popularity and cinematic praises. What worries me the most is that when it comes to future roles of hers, and future awards ceremonies; will her popularity cancel out the fact that she may give a bad performance? Say she severely overacts in a film, would millions still applaud her for what would otherwise be known as a below-average performance? I have a gut feeling that the answer is yes.

Jennifer Lawrence is a great actress. Her performance in Winter’s Bone was phenomenal, and in my opinion, her best by far. Although I don’t share the rabid enthusiasm of her fandom, I do have a mutual respect for her work. It is not my intention to offend anyone; I’m just voicing my concerns about the future of her work.

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